Some Great Civil War Pictures; 3 Groupings of Photos; From The Atlantic

Hi Everyone!

I just came across a posting in Dick Eastman’s blog in which he was made aware of what are some incredible pictures from the Civil War.  If you watch enough “History” shows you seem to see the same standard and remembered pictures of the Civil War over and over again.

However, these pictures sure seem like ones that I do not think I have seen before on these history shows.  They are nothing short of spectacular!  Most of the pictures appear to be absolutely pristine.  When viewed online they are incredibly big without having to scroll around to view the entire image.

The photos originated in The Atlantic.  When you get to The Atlantic, just scroll down the first page and look for the 3 Civil War pictures for you to click on to see all that exist under that set.  There are 3 sets.  One is titled The Civil War: The Places; another is titled The Civil War: The People and the third is titled The Civil War: The Stereographs.

The is the 150th Anniversary of the start of the Civil War.  That is a reason why so much memorable Civil War material is coming to the surface.

Take a minute to browse through the photos.  Once I browsed through about 10 pictures under the category of “The Places”, I saw enough to decide to create this post and share the link for all of you to look at the pictures.

You can find these pictures at The Atlantic at:

Civil War Photos From The Atlantic

Enjoy them.

You will say WOW!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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