For Those That Attend Our Genealogy Program That Want Their Research Surnames Listed In My New “Surnames” Blog Page On This Blog, I Will Need A Positive “Yes” Provided To Me By You

Hi Everyone!

For those of you that have attended our monthly genealogy programs and have previously provided to me a listing of the surnames you are researching, this post is for your attention.

I am in the process of creating a new “page” on this blog that will be titled “Surnames Being Researched”.  It will appear at the top of the homepage along with the other “pages” that exist there for this blog.   In it will be the surnames you are researching.  It will look similar to the current Excel paper report I create and bring to our programs for you to look at and update.  Your information was included in the listing when you returned a questionnaire that contained the names as well as indicating you were OK in sharing the names.

The “new” page is still not yet visible in this blog at the top of the homepage.  I would term it as being “under construction”.

I am trying to move the “paper” report to an electronic page in this blog.  However, instead of a phone number as your contact point, I will be including an e-mail address from you as the point of contact should anyone see your surname of interest and want to contact you.

In order to get the names into the new “Surnames Being Researched” page I will need you to contact me via the blog’s “Contact” page.

You can get directly to my “Contact” Page at the following link:

In the e-mail, I will need you to state the surnames you want me to include, your e-mail address and the geographic areas of your interest e.g. Illinois, DuPage County in Illinois, Poland, etc.

This way I will have positive confirmation you want your surnames and your e-mail address out there visible for any other researcher to possibly make a connection with you who happens to peruse the new “Surnames Being Searched” Page of this blog.

I am not going to automatically transfer your names from the paper report to the electronic report!

So far I have received the OK from at least 6 of you.  The data from those 6 will be the basis of the first report in the new page when I activate it.

It is necessary that you contact me with a positive OK.

I will still continue to update and bring in to our programs the paper report that you may have initially contributed to when you returned the questionnaire to me.  But that one is only visible to those attending our program and is not visible electronically as this new proposed blog surname page will be.

So if you want electronic exposure of your research names, you will need to positively confirm with me that fact and supply me with the e-mail address I would use in the new online report for anyone contacting you.

Thank you so much for your help to launch this new page with your research information and contact information.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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