New Poll Now In The Right Sidebar Of This Blog; “What Is Your Favorite Nationally Known And Still Published Genealogy Journal?”

Hi Everyone!

I have added a new poll in the right sidebar of this blog right at the beginning of the home page.

I thought it would be a good idea to gather some responses and statistics as to what are the favorite nationally known and still published genealogy journals enjoyed by our readers.

I have noted in the poll 5 of what I think are the most known genealogy journals that researchers may subscribe to or even read here at our library.  In this poll, if you have more than one favorite, you can actually vote for more than one.  If I have omitted a favorite journal, you can submit your own favorite genealogy journal that you follow and learn from.

Sad to say, but many genealogy journals over the last 5 years have really fallen on hard times and are no longer published.  Journals such as “Everton’s Genealogical Helper”, “Ancestry”, “Heritage Quest”, “Digital Genealogist” have all bitten the dust and are no longer with us actively although past issues can still be read.

So I have left my readers with a small list of some of the more remaining popular genealogy journals that are still published and are also in our collection.

I am open to suggestions on future polls.  Drop me a line via the “Contact” Page of this blog at the top of the homepage.  Leave a “Comment” for me within this post on your topical ideas for future genealogical polls.  Your input is appreciated to pose polls that are of interest to you in the world of genealogy.

Take a look at this new poll.

Place your “vote” now and see how we stack up over the next 6 to 8 weeks as this poll stays open.

If you ever want to see what the results are of past polls, you can always visit the special Page at the top of this blog that is identified as “Poll Archives”.

Enjoy this new poll.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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