Poll On Transcribing LDS Records Is Now Closed; Results Included; New Poll Coming Soon

Hi Everyone!

I have just closed the poll that you have seen on my blog since March 5, 2012.  If you have not voted in that poll,  you will have your chance with the new poll when it is made available.

Here are the results of the poll that asked the question:

“Have You Participated With FamilySearch As A Volunteer Transcriber Of Genealogical Records?”

  • 15 Responded “Yes, I Am Actively Transcribing”  (36.59%)
  • 4 Responded “Yes, I have Previously Participated, But I Am Currently Not Active”  (9.76%)
  • 22 Responded “No, I Have Never Volunteered To Transcribe Records  (53.66%)

So in a completely unscientific analysis, but fun nevertheless, it would appear that between those that are currently active and have also previously transcribed versus those that have never transcribed, we almost have a 50/50 result.  That indicates to me that a good portion of the researchers that responded have tried transcribing LDS records.  That is an admirable turnout!

In fact, that percentage may now be on the rise spurred by the recent release of the 1940 Census data, the LDS being one of the organizations working with volunteers to transcribe the 1940 Census data.

So if you were one of those that indicated they had not transcribed in my poll, perhaps now that the 1940 Census data is available you will want to reconsider and begin transcribing for that project so the indexed data comes out sooner than planned.  The more transcribers, the faster the data will be indexed!

I want to thank all of you that participated in my poll for expressing yourself.

I thoroughly enjoy seeing the responses to the questions I pose.  I hope all of my readers are enjoying looking at the results of my polls.  I sure would like to see even more participants provide their responses to my questions.

Maybe next poll will elicit a big turnout!

Thanks for your participation.  Enjoy the results.

I hope to get the new poll up shortly.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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