“Other” Poll Results Category For The New Poll On Favorite Genealogy Journals; Results Only Seen By Me Was Not Anticipated

Hi Everyone!

Hopefully, you are aware that I created another new poll on the right sidebar of this blog.  This poll asks you to select your favorite genealogy journal from a pre-set list of popular journals still published.  I also included an “Other” category for the responder to “write in” their favorite journal that is not in the pre-set list.

I thought that when used, the write-in would appear in the poll results for all to see when someone clicks on the link to “View Results”.

Unfortunately, I discovered it does not work that way with PollDaddy.  I do see that someone entered in a genealogy journal in that “other” category.  However, the actual “other” category is only visible to me when I log into PollDaddy.  Not what I wanted or expected!  The joys of learning how some processes work.

The response that was entered into the “other” category was Family Tree Magazine for those of you that also would like to know.

PollDaddy allows me to consider adding in those journals that appear in the “other” category into the poll itself.

So you only learn by trying!

I thought I would let you know what is happening because I truly believe you would expect to see what respondents entered into the “other” category.  Sad to say you will not see them until I report them in a blog post.

Maybe if other journal names appear in the “other” category, I will just take advantage of the PollDaddy ability to enter those into the list I created.

Another mystery solved!

I apologize for any confusion.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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