Update On Status Of 1940 Census Indexing Project; Great Progress Being Made; 50% Of The Census Has Been Indexed; Alas, Not Yet For Illinois

Hi Everyone!

Steve Szabados, a frequent participant at our genealogy programs and an author of two genealogy books, made me aware of a nice little PDF file that summarizes the current status of the 1940 Census Indexing effort that is ongoing.  The PDF lists 22 states for which indexed data is now available.  The full complement of 22 states is not all available at one location.  The PDF does note on a state-by-state basis where the data can be found for you to search.

Take a look at the following PDF file provided to me by Steve.  This will help you match your current research efforts for the 1940 Census to the states that are indexed and where you can find this data.

1940 Census Indexing Project Status As Of June 10, 2012

Unfortunately, Illinois is not yet one of the states that has been completed for indexing!

The project is moving at a rapid pace.  Fully, 75 million names have been indexed so far in comparison to the 132 million total of names that were captured during the census.

So if your research connects you to one of the above mentioned states then happy hunting to you while the rest of us wait a little longer until our more populous states of interest become indexed.

Keep up to date with where the project is at the moment so you can jump into the searching part of your research if one of the indexed states is one for you.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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