We Have Added “The Guide To FamilySearch Online” To Our Circulating Genealogy Collection; There Is A Good Overview Of The Book At GenealogyBlog.com

Hi Everyone!

What is one of the most frequently used free online genealogy resources that genealogy researchers tap into?

If you said FamilySearch.org you are correct.

Yet do you feel you are completely knowledgeable about all that is there for you to use?

Probably not, but at least you get some search results that help you advance your research!

Well James L. Tanner has created a book that is a great guide to help us better understand all the things that you find at FamilySearch.org.  There is often no better way to learn about something than through the comfort of reading all about it and simply becoming aware of a resource.

Our library has added this book to our genealogy section as a circulating book.

I also came across a very good review/overview of the book from GenealogyBlog.com.  Rather than reinvent the wheel on my own overview, I thought I would just steer you to GenealogyBlog for you to take a look at the overview created by them about this wonderful new resource to help you to really learn about FamilySearch.org.

You can look at this review at the following link:

Book Review of “The Guide To FamilySearch.org” At GenealogyBlog

The book consists of 359 pages of jam-packed information that takes you step-by-step through all of the information you find at FamilySearch.org.  Sometimes just clicking through the links themselves does not really give us a full-fledged explanation of what the link is about and how it can best help us.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to become familiar with more than just the “Search Surnames” sections of websites.  Other valuable learning resources can be found throughout these sites, but especially at FamilySearch.org.

The author does a great job in really opening our eyes to so much more than just “Search Surnames”!

This book should be on our circulating shelves within about 3 days.  I am currently browsing through the book now and should be done shortly.

I highly recommend checking this book out and spending some time learning about all that exists at FamilySearch.org.  It will make you a better researcher to understand all of the resources that exist through this wonderful organization.

You will be able to find this book on the 2nd floor of our library.  The call number of the book in our library is 929.10285 TANNER, J.

Enjoy the book and the above review of the book.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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