Illinois Indicated As Being 100% Indexed For The 1940 Census But It Is Still Not Searchable!; Be Patient

Hi Everyone!

I just noticed that the FamilySearch website has noted that the Illinois portion of the 1940 Census is now 100% indexed!

But hold your horses.

You can still only browse through the images.

You cannot yet do a name search within the data.

How can this be?

The indexing portion of the data may be done but the arbitration portion of resolving discrepancies may still not be completed.  Indexers complete the data initially.  The same data is indexed by more than one person.  The results of these two indexers are compared and any discrepancies that occur for those census pages is referred to an “arbitrator” who does their best to determine what actual data is released into the searchable index.

So if you are familiar with indexing you may want to consider offering your services as an arbitrator with FamilySearch.  They can always use more help.  Or you can simply put on  a different “hat” if you have been indexing.

Check out the status for yourself of the 1940 Census Indexing Project at FamilySearch.  It won’t be long until everything is full 100% completed and available for searching across all of the state records.  You can see the status of the project at FamilySearch at:

FamilySearch 1940 Census Index Project Status

We are almost there.  Your wait will soon be over.  It may seem like forever but remember, the data was just released in April 2012 and it appears that 132 million records will soon be at your fingertips.  That alone is record time for getting that much data online in such a relatively short window of time.

If you are an indexer, a big thank you to you.  The same if you are an arbitrator.

If you have not been indexing but know of someone who has been doing that or arbitrating, take the time to give them a big thank you also.

Without these volunteers you would still be waiting for an unknown period of time to view the results of the 1940 census.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

2 responses to “Illinois Indicated As Being 100% Indexed For The 1940 Census But It Is Still Not Searchable!; Be Patient

  1. You probably know that Illinois is now searchable on at no charge.

  2. P.S. In fact the entire U.S. is now searchable on Ancestry. Of course, it will be useful to be able to search on to find people we couldn’t locate easily on Ancestry.

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