Poll On The Right Sidebar Of This Blog; Do You Have An Account With FaceBook?; Interesting Results To Date

Hi Everyone!

I hope you have not only noticed the current Poll I am running on the right sidebar of this blog but that you also took the time to share your vote.

This Poll has generated a lot more votes than did my previous Poll.

This Poll asks the questions “Do You Have A Facebook Account?”.

I think the statistics are interesting.

So far 66% of respondents have indicated they have a Facebook account while 34% of the respondents indicated they do not have a Facebook account.

Having a Facebook account is one way to make more connections with relatives in your quest for genealogical research.  So it does appear that many of you are taking advantage of Facebook as a Social Media tool to possibly further your genealogical connections.

But I also take away that with the hype for Facebook, it is certainly true that everyone does not have a Facebook account!  We are often led to believe that literally everyone is on Facebook.  The anecdotal results of this non-scientific poll certainly do not show that.

I am still going to keep the Poll up and active for a little while longer.

If you have not expressed yourself via vote on this poll, please feel free to do so.

The more votes the merrier!

Thanks to those that have participated on this fun poll.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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