We Have Added “Chicago Cemetery Records 1847-1863: Sexton’s Reports And Certificates, Treasurer Receipts, Deeds, And Undertakers’ Reports” To Our Circulating Collection; Book Was Created By The Chicago Genealogical Society

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that we have added “Chicago Cemetery Records 1847-1863: Sexton’s Reports And Certificates, Treasurer Receipts, Deeds, And Undertakers’ Reports” to our circulating collection.

The book was published by the Chicago Genealogical Society in 2008.

The call number for the book in our library is ILLINOIS COLL 929.3 CHICAGO.

You can find it on the 2nd floor of our library in the Illinois Collection.  It will be available to check out and review at home.

Here is a description of the book that exists on the website of the Chicago Genealogical Society:

“Chicago Cemetery Records 1847-1863: sexton’s reports and certificates, treasurer receipts, deeds, and undertakers’ reports. (hardcover).
Between 1842 and 1866 the city of Chicago owned and operated the Chicago City Cemetery near Clark Street and North Avenue, now the site of Lincoln Park. The sale of lots was a major revenue source for the city. Monthly reports were filed with the Committee on Wharves & Public Grounds. These reports included the amount of the sale, the purchaser, and the location of the lot. Undertakers were required to file reports in 1863. Among the information in these reports was the name of the decedent, the day of death, age, residence, cause of death, and place of birth. This publication includes transcriptions of the records, maps, an index of names, Oak Woods Cemetery removals, and old Catholic cemetery records.”

The book does contain an all-name index that points the researcher to what page in the book the name occurs and with what category of record the name is associated with.

Many of us that live out in the Chicago suburbs may have an ancestral connection to the City of Chicago.  This book can be of use and value to the researcher residing in the suburbs but researching Chicago ancestry.

The book also serves a value as showing what amounts to be pre-1871 Chicago Fire records of events that may have been lost through the fire itself.  It can be of great help to the researcher having pre-Chicago Fire ancestral connections.

I also noticed a blog post about the book from Cynthia at ChicagoGenealogy.blogspot.com that contained much of the title and chapter information that showed samples of the entries of information you will encounter.  You can take a look at this online information about the book at:

ChicagoGenealogy Blog Post Describing The Book

I am currently looking through the book right now that is checked out to me.  It should be on our shelves available for checkout by August 6, 2012.

Look for after that date.  I am glad we have been able to add this book to our collection.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library


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