I Have Added 5 More National Archives Research Aids To The National Archives Research Aids Page Of This Blog

Hi Everyone!

I have added 5 more National Archives Research Aids PDF documents to the National Archives Research Aids Page at the top of the home page.

These documents were presented to me by Kathryn Barrett our genealogy program speaker for May 2012.

The 5 titles that were added are:

  • Civil War Era Research Using Archival Records
  • Locating Missing Persons, Veterans, and Records of Adoptions/Birth Parents
  • Military and Naval Service and Veterans Pensions: Selected Microfilmed Records
  • Selective Service Records Request Form for Year of Birth Prior to 1960
  • Using Original Records of Military and Naval Agencies for Family History Research

I initially posted 22 documents when I created the original National Archives Research Aids page.  With these 5 additional documents, there are now 27 total PDF documents on the page for you to browse through and use in your research.

I again want to thank Kathryn Barrett for providing me with paper copies of all of these NARA documents to assist genealogists in their research quests.

Enjoy the additional aids.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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