Very Nice Graphical Overview Of United States Census History And Statistics From

Hi Everyone!

I received an e-mail from someone at noting that they had a very nice graphical historical overview of all of our United States Censuses.

You can select the Census year of interest for you from what looks like a large board game.  When you select the year of interest, you will see a nice summary of the population statistics as well as the ability to access all of the questions that were asked during that particular census year.

You can also access from the “board” links to get to information about “Housing”, “Occupations” and “Free Tips”.

The information is put together in a very appealing visual manner. is a “subscribable” service.  This Census history information can be appealing to someone who is interested in also subscribing to their data.  Their link to subscribe to them is hovering just below this nice Census piece of historical information.

Once you access a particular census year summary, you will find an ability to actually search the census data at  I did see that a search that you try required both a “first name” and “last name”.  It would not let me search with just a “last name”.  You can at least get a feel for the data they have and how they present it should you have interest in signing up for a “free” 7 day trial.  You will not be able to access any found data until you subscribe.  However, you will get “indexed” results for a particular person you search for indicating what records exist for that person in

I think you will enjoy having all of this statistical summary information , especially all of the questions for all of the years, at the tip of your finger.

Visit the site and explore all of the census data that exists at the following link.  Give the site about 20 seconds for it to load this graphical summary information as the “board” game.  The “board game” will appear after the text introduction at the beginning of their website.  Just scroll down a little on the first page of the site to see the “board game” of census appear. US Census Historical Summary Information 1790 – 1940

Enjoy the site.

It is fun!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

One response to “Very Nice Graphical Overview Of United States Census History And Statistics From

  1. Very nice – thanks

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