RootsTech – Major Genealogy Conference To Take Place on March 21-23, 2013 in Salt Lake City

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to share with you information about the upcoming RootsTech Family History and Genealogy Conference that will take place in Salt Lake City, Utah on March 21-23, 2013.

Even though you may not have any interest in attending, it is always a good idea to simply be aware of major genealogical conferences that are occurring.   This is one of those conferences!

It does appear that the theme of this conference overall is to focus on the technology aspects as they relate to genealogy and genealogical research.

The following is a quote taken directly from their web sites that identifies the purpose of this conference:

RootsTech is an opportunity unlike any other to discover the latest family history tools and techniques, connect with experts to help you in your research, and be inspired in the pursuit of your ancestors. It is a conference with a unique emphasis on helping individuals learn and use the latest technology to get started or accelerate their efforts to find, organize, preserve and share their family’s connections and history. Attendees will learn key skills from hands-on workshops and interactive presentations at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level.

If you are a genealogy technology user, here is a quote from the website that is geared to you for why you should have an interest in the conference:

The 3rd annual RootsTech conference has something for everyone, whether you are an avid genealogist, just beginning, or simply want to discover the latest technologies and solutions to better connect with your family. You will learn things like how and where to start with your family history and how to use the latest technology to solve real research problems. With world-class content from speakers all over the country, an exciting exhibitor hall, and great keynote speakers, RootsTech is being re-tooled for young and old alike, regardless of expertise. Come join the fun!

Sounds like a great coming together of the minds of researchers and technologists both interested in making the genealogy research experience even better through technology.

There is a great FAQ section on the website that really provides good information on the Who, What, Where, When and Why of the conference.

It looks like the registration for the three-day event at this time is $149 (Early Bird).

There are also other fee schedules based on whether you are attending one day only or if you are a beginner.  If a beginner, you can sign up under that banner and gain access to a maximum of 30 programs for $39.

Check out everything about the conference, especially the list of program topics and speakers who will be making presentations,  by visiting the conference website at:

RootsTech March 21 – March 23, 2013 Salt Lake City, Utah

As researchers, we all want to stay ahead of the “genealogy technology curve”.  This conference is intended to help you do that.  I believe that even if you don’t attend, it helps to be aware of what is happening in this ever-increasing combination of genealogy research and the technology that goes hand-in-hand with that effort.

Check out the above link to the site for what appears to be a great  conference on genealogy research and technology.  There is much to be discovered at the web site for this conference.

It has been growing in scope since its inception two years ago.  Programs have increased.  Attendance has increased.  It does seem like there is and has been a lot of “buzz” about this annual conference.

I found a link to a variety of videos made available by RootsTech that provide a sampling of some of the programs that were presented in 2012.  The quality of the videos is outstanding.  Take a look at the videos to get an idea of what this conference is all about.

Check out the RootsTech video site that has some videos of certain programs from the last conference in 2012 at:

RootsTech 2012 Videos

I think you will like what you see both at the RootsTech website and the RootsTech video site.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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