At Our Next “Breakout” Genealogy Program On December 11, 2012 We Will Once Again Have The “Sharing Your Printed/Online Family History” Table; It Was Very Successful When First Tried In September 2012; Let’s Keeping The Success Going!

Hi Everyone!

At our next genealogy program at our library on December 11, 2012, we will be having our Quarterly Break-Out Tables.

At our previous Quarterly Break-Out Tables program on September 11, 2012, we initiated a “new” table that I called “Sharing Your Printed/Published Family History Book Table”.  The purpose of this table was to have those that have actually created a printed version of their Family History, either in book form, print form or even website form, to share the methodology on exactly how they went going about creating their book, report or website.

Our first effort turned out to be a good, successful start!

We had about 10 people total at the table, almost equally divided between those that had created a book and those that wanted to know how they did it.

We are going to do this again at our upcoming December 11, 2012 program.  I am certainly seeking the help of those that have created such a Family History Book/Report to once again come out to share with others how they did it!

I hope to keep the successes of the September 2012 program continuing into this upcoming program for this “new” table topic.

Soooooooooooooooooo ……. Come on down and share your Family History Book creating experience with those that are interested in doing the same.  You will be in a small setting sharing your ideas around a table.

I greatly appreciate your consideration to help share your successes.

Thanks as always.

I have also included the text from my original blog post about this idea back in August 2012 as a refresher after the separator line.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library


Hi Everyone!

I recently received a request from Jacquie S., a frequent participant at our monthly genealogy program.

Jacquie was asking if there was a way that I could make it easier for participants at our program to actually see the variety of family history books, reports etc. that have actually been created by participants at our programs.  Seeing these actual family histories can be a big help for those that have not yet done that so they may be able to see a finished product.  This would provide tangible ideas to others on how to go about putting something together.

I thought Jacquie had a wonderful idea!

As you may be aware our monthly genealogy programs are very structured, especially when we have speakers.  It would appear to be very difficult to be able to take time away from a speaker’s program in order to add on a sort of “show and tell” on family histories that other participants have actually created.

I did some thinking and I may have come up with a workable arrangement on how we could accomplish a very good idea.

At our Quarterly “Breakout” programs we do not have guest speakers.  Instead the room is set up with tables based on ethnic areas of genealogy research e.g. Irish Table, German Table, Polish Table, Italian Table etc. in which like-minded researchers sit together and share with and help each other out on the nuances of researching a particular ethnic line of research.  These exchanges can be very helpful allowing more skilled and seasoned researchers to share great pieces of research strategy to those that are not as seasoned yet as researchers in that particular area of ethnic interest.

During these quarterly “breakout” sessions, I also have a Beginner’s Table and I was having a “Troubleshooting” table that was intended as a “catchall” table if someone wanted to sit together there rather than at a specific area of interest or a Beginner’s Table.  Over time that table has just not had a good record of being very meaningful.

However, now may be the time to reorganize the quarterly breakout programs by eliminating the “Troubleshooting” table and replace it with a new table that could be used by those that have created a family history book, report etc. to share with others at the table that have not created such a family history book.  Details could be shared on how the family history book, report was created, compiled.  This would allow for a “hands-on” experience of actually being able  to see the document and discuss with the creator how the creation was done.

Obviously, the most important part of this new idea hinges on those that have published, created such a family history document, report  AND would be willing to attend these quarterly programs and share what they have created with those interested in knowing how to go about this creation process.

I am certainly willing to try out this new “table” and see how it goes over time, making sure I keep making our participants aware that there will be a new table dedicated to sharing and viewing created family histories.

I know that many individuals that have participated at our monthly programs have personally shown me some wonderful family history books and reports that they created.  I was always impressed with the documents and their efforts that went into the creation.

Here is a request to those of you in our area that have actually created a family history book, report, web site or some other media format to share your family history.  How about planning on bringing your life’s work to show others that are interested in doing for themselves what you have already done for yourself.  Sit with others and show them your work in a more relaxed interactive setting.

I would encourage you to come to our September 11, 2012 Genealogy Program during which time we will have our Breakout Groups.  More importantly, this would be the first session that this new Family History Book/Report Sharing Table would be operational.

Inspire others with your work!

Mentor someone who wants to put to paper what you have already successfully accomplished.  Show them and tell them how you did it!

Let’s give it a try.

A big thank you to Jacquie S. for sharing her thoughts on what is a great idea.

Let’s give this a try on Tuesday evening, September 11, 2012 at 7:30 PM and see what happens.  I do need the help from those of you that have created family histories on paper to come on in and be willing to share your ideas and methods on how you went about the process.

Let’s make this new “table” a great success!

Thanks in advance.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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