Our Library Has Added “Polish Surnames: Origins And Meanings, 3rd Ed.” To Our Reference Collection; Wonderful Resource To Discover Origin And Meaning Of Polish Surnames

Book Stack Clip ArtHi Everyone!

I have added to our library’s Reference Collection a new updated resource to help Polish genealogical researchers uncover much about the origins and meanings of the Polish surnames they are researching.  We have had the 2nd edition in our collection for some time now.  The author, William F. Hoffman, has chosen to update the book with a brand new 3rd Edition.

This is not a small update to this wonderful work.  This is now a 2 volume set.  Volume I consists of 247 pages.  Volume II consists of 935 pages.  Volume I includes history of surname development, typical name origins, name suffixes and more.  Volume II, arranged by root names, offers translations, derivations, data on the number of Polish citizens bearing each name and more.

You can now browse through this wonderful work to see what is the meaning of your Polish surname.  For myself, the name KIERNA , has a meaning of “butter dish”.  The book also notes there are 31 Polish citizens living in Poland with that name, almost all are located in one Province.  That province is the province of origin for my great-grandfather.  One of his children was the only one that stayed in Poland.  His descendants are in fact those that now comprise the 31 living Poles in Poland with the name KIERNA.

This 2 volume set iPGSA Logo Clip Arts hot off the press as they say!  I was able to receive this newly published work on November 11, 2012 when we hosted a meeting of the Polish Genealogical Society of America (PGSA) at our library.  They were kind enough to bring a copy for me knowing that I would want to add it to our collection and remove the older edition from our shelves.

The books now reside on the 2nd floor of our library on the Reference shelves.  The call numbers of the books are R 929.42 HOFFMAN, W V. 1 and R 929.42 HOFFMAN, W V. 2.

This newly published work can also be purchased for your own personal use directly from the PGSA whether you are a member of their organization or not.  If you are not a member, the cost may be slightly higher for you to purchase.  You can link directly to the PGSA Store to find out more details about purchasing the book for your own personal library.  You can connect to them at:

Polish Genealogical Society of America (PGSA) Store

Here is a PDF description file of the work from the PGSA that you can look at for more detailed description of the what the books are all about:

Polish Surnames: Origins and Meanings, 3rd Ed. By William F. Hoffman

If you have any interest in Polish research, then this is a must-see book.  The older edition was one of the first genealogical resources I ever looked into when I started doing genealogy.  Just out of simple curiosity I wanted to see if my name was in the book.  And so my first discovery in genealogy was made when I saw that my name had a meaning of “butter dish”.

Who would have thought??

It is the discovery of these kinds of information that stirs us up to go even farther into research on our family history.

If you are in our library and have an interest in discovering the origin and meaning of Polish surnames, then stop by our Reference shelves and take a look at this wonderful work.

Who knows what you will discover about that Polish surname of interest to you.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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  1. To “butter dish” thanks for the info. Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2012 16:20:15 +0000 To: abkohnke@msn.com

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