FamilySearch Continental Europe Databases By Country Listing How Many Databases Available For That Country

Hi Everyone, LogoI was just browsing through some of the databases at FamilySearch located in their category of what they call “Continental Europe”.  I was personally looking to see what new additions might have occurred specifically for Poland.

No luck!  The same 2 databases now as when I last looked.

However, I did want to make note to you of some of the countries that are being shown by FamilySearch as well as the number of databases they have for each of the identified countries.

While I was disappointed with the small number for Poland, I was amazed to see that Italy led the way with 89 databases online for that country.  2nd most was for Germany with 40.  3rd most was for Spain with 38.  Portugal and Sweden each had 27.

If any of you have ancestral connections to these countries it really helps to become familiar with what the databases are for these countries.  Perhaps there is something among the databases that zeroes in right on your geographic area of research interest.  You will not know unless you keep revisiting and seeing what is available to use.

What follows after the separator line in Italics is the list of the Continental European countries having databases for you to access at FamilySearch:


Continental Europe (321)


Like Murphy’s Law, the country of interest to you will probably have the least number of databases, while the country you did not even know exists has a large number!!  Good old Murphy strikes again!

Remember, some of the databases of interest to you may be 100% indexed with images.  Some may be 100% indexed without indexes.  Some may not be indexed at all but may have indexes for you to browse through.

Clicking on the links to the country will take you to the databases in FamilySearch for more detailed information that may be of interest to you.

Oh well, I sure know what my Christmas wish would be.  More databases for Poland!

Maybe next time I revisit.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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