Use Geneabloggers To Search For Your Surnames Of Interest Among Over 3,000 Blogs; Comprehensive Search Engine For The Site

Hi Everyone!

Geneabloggers LogoIf you are reading this then you are very aware that my thoughts are contained in a blog post that I author.  Geneabloggers has noted my blog and also has it in its list of what it considers genealogy blogs of note within the Archives and Libraries Category.  There are over 3,000 blogs of note you can look through to find a favorite writer about genealogy issues that you may want to follow.

Thank you Geneabloggers for the recognition!

Geneabloggers is even better than the recognition it provides for this variety of genealogy bloggers.  If you visit the Geneabloggers website at, you will find a very nice tool that will allow you to enter in a surname of interest to you and be able to search that surname among the over 3,000 blogs in the Geneabloggers system with the click of just one “Search” command.

Look for this “tool” on the home page of Geneabloggers at the very top in the right sidebar area.  Look for “Search Your Surnames In Over 3,000 Genealogy Blogs”.  Look right there for the search box.  Enter in your name of interest and see what results you receive.

There may be a blogger out there that you are not aware of or have yet to discover.  Perhaps that blogger is writing about his own research that might overlap with your own.  Perhaps the blogger is writing about a geographic area that matches with your own geographic area of interest.  The point is that this powerful search engine that spans the 3,000 + blogs might actually help you uncover a lead to your own research by discovering a surname in a blog that actually is one you are researching.

It will even discover hits of interest to you that are contained in PDF links within an individual blog post!

This search capability may be of more value to you if the surnames of interest to are more unique than a “Smith” or “Jones”.

You can combine your surname of interest with another search term such as “Kierna and Poland” to narrow down your results even more.  You can use a search term that is not necessarily a Surname.

The key in research is to “discover” as well as “to be discovered”.  Give this nice tool a try if you were not aware of it reaching across over 3,000 genealogy blogs.

Without a doubt, the best place to find something that can help your own research is to tap into information of genealogical interest.  What better place to tap into than 3,000 + blogs all written by someone who certainly has a burning interest in genealogy just as you do!

Now start searching the genealogy blogs at Geneabloggers!

I hope you find your connection within a Geneablogger’s blog!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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