Digital Copies Of “The Chicago Genealogist” From 1969 To 2007 Are Available Online; Browseable And Searchable; Free To Access; Made Available From The Chicago Genealogical Society

Hi Everyone!

Chicago Genealogical Society LogoI just became aware that the journal of the Chicago Genealogical Society titled Chicago Genealogist is now available digitally online for issues created from 1969 to 2007.  The journal is created quarterly.  The years that are available span Volumes 1 to 39 of the publication.

The journals are viewable in browse mode.  Just flip through the material page by page and read about what genealogical research life was like “back in the day” in the 1970s when our world was not accessed at our fingertips as we do today with the internet.

The journals are also searchable.  Use a keyword.  Use a surname.  You can limit your search to one particular journal.  Or, you can actually search across all of the data.  Consider searching for a surname if you have Chicago ancestral connections because these journals often published information about projects the society did.  Names associated with these projects were simply printed as part of the reporting article.  Remember, think pre-internet!  Just as you search the internet today and discover names of your ancestors, the printed media back in the 1970s was still the method to make these discoveries.

Check out these digitized journals from the local Chicago Genealogical Society.  You can browse through the material at:

Chicago Genealogist Digitized Issues, Volumes 1 To 39, From 1969 To 2007

I actually did a “test search” using POLISH as my search term across all of the issues in the digitized collection.  The search worked wonderfully and I received many “hits”.  Great news!  The “hits” are all color-coded in a light blue for easy finding in the actual text page.  In the left side-bar of the search page is a list of the individual pages for that particular journal.  Any “hit” for your search will cause the page of the journal on the left side to be highlighted in red, giving you a clue your search term is contained within that page.  You can just look at the left side for all “red” pages, click on that page and then look on the right side for the “blue” highlighted hit in the text of the page itself.

The total number of hits is identified at the top where all the pages are listed for that particular journal containing the hits.  You can also click on a “next hit” tab at the top of this listing of pages section.  Or, you can just scroll down the list looking for the “red” for that page containing a hit.

Don’t forget to be aware of the total number of hits within the journal so you do not forget to look at the remainder after viewing the first page with the hit!

This is great!

Here is a link to a sample page of a hit for me using POLISH as a search term:

Search Result Using POLISH Keyword From Digital Chicago Genealogist Material

Now you have the capability to tap into these digitized journals in today’s search environment to see if maybe an ancestor of yours from Chicago might have been identified in one of the older journals of the Chicago Genealogical Society.

The materials have been made available through a cooperative effort with Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois Digital Collections site (CARLI).

Thank you Chicago Genealogical Society and CARLI for “highlighting” the found search term hits!

Newer issues of the journal are available through membership in the society.  Newer issues are also available through local libraries that are also members themselves of the society and receive the journal for their collections.

A big “high-five” to the Chicago Genealogical Society for making this voluminous amount of printed material spanning 38 years available to all genealogical researchers.

Happy hunting among all of these issues!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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