It Appears “Who Do You Think You Are?” Will Be Resurrected On The Learning Channel (TLC); Dick Eastman Has A Post About The Re-Birth!

Hi Everyone!

Who Do You Think You Are?It does appear that all good things do come to those that are patient.

I hope you are missing the TV Genealogy show “Who Do You Think You Are?” as much as I am.  This is the time of the season when the episodes were formerly broadcast on NBC before it cancelled the show in May 2012.

Rumors abounded late last year that the show would find a new home on another network.  We all hoped.  But those hopes were dashed.  No new episodes.  No new network.

However, Dick Eastman has a post in his online newsletter that seems to indicate with more certainty than before that the show will see the light of day.  He bases this on the connection of some filming taking place that highlights singer Kelly Clarkson’s ancestral connections.  This is good.  That means new episodes are being created for future airing.

Dick’s post even mentions that it is definitely The Learning Channel (TLC) that will be carrying the episodes.

No air dates are mentioned at this time.  But at least this is positive news.

Here is a link to Dick Eastman’s blog post that makes note of this developing story:

Dick Eastman February 25, 2013 Post Indicating the Return of “Who Do You Think You Are?”

This is great news for all of us that have missed this wonderful and informative program!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy CoordinatorSchaumburg Township District Library

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