Upcoming Genealogy Webinars/Programs Sponsored By The Wisconsin Historical Society; PDF Registration Form; Fees Required To Participate

Hi Everyone,

Wisconsin Historical Society LogoOne of our librarians made me aware that the Wisconsin Historical Society is sponsoring genealogy webinars as well as on-site genealogy programs .

You know that in the past I have indicated my strong feelings about genealogy webinars as a great tool to advance your genealogy research skills.  I have posted much about webinars being offered from a variety of societies and organizations.

Here is one more resource for you to consider to help your own research.

I did see that registration is required in order to participate in the online webinars or to attend in person the genealogy programs that are being conducted in Madison, WI.

Fees are also required in order to participate.  As is typical with fee structures, members of the Wisconsin Historical Society or the Wisconsin State Genealogy Society receive a discounted fee when they participate.  Non-members of either organization  can also participate in these webinars and programs but usually at the highest fee schedule.

I saw that fee schedules seem to range from the $25 to $35 level for members of the above organizations to a $40 fee for non-members to participate.

Here is the link to the Wisconsin Historical Society part of their website that will provide you with information about these upcoming programs and registration information.

Genealogy Webinars And Programs Sponsored By The Wisconsin Historical Society

There are currently 9 webinars/programs scheduled on the calendar between now and June 2013.  Take a look at the topics.  See if any fit your interests.  It appears registration can be accomplished via  a phone call, an e-mail or a mailed in registration form you can download as a PDF.

Just remember that some of the programs are in webinar format that you connect to online via your computer to participate. Other programs are actually conducted in Madison, WI at what appears to be the site of the Wisconsin Historical Society.

I am still looking over the site, but one thing I have not seen is an “archive” of completed webinars that perhaps might be available to view by anyone at no cost.  They may not exist yet.  Also, they may only be available for members of the Wisconsin Historical Society or members of the Wisconsin State Genealogical Society.

I posed a query with the Wisconsin Historical Society about an “archive” of previously recorded webinars and who can access those if they exist.  They did respond to my query and indicated they currently have only a 2 week window during which presented programs are in the “archive”.  They will be investigating this short window to see if it can be extended for a longer time to include many more presented programs.

The Wisconsin Historical Society just started this webinar/program process in September 2012.  They are learning as they go and will be making the process even better in the future.

Take advantage of these wonderful webinars.  It will make you a better genealogical researcher.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library


One response to “Upcoming Genealogy Webinars/Programs Sponsored By The Wisconsin Historical Society; PDF Registration Form; Fees Required To Participate

  1. The Illinois State Genealogical Society has fifteen archived webinars which are free to their members. This “perk” alone makes membership a bargain!

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