Look Closely At FamilySearch Website Home Page; Look Higher To The Top Of The Page For Links For “Family Tree”, “Learn”, “FamilySearch Centers”, “Indexing”, “Blog”, “Sign-In” And “Help”

Hi Everyone!

FamilySearch.org LogoI am sure you are just like me.  We are often creatures of habit.

In this case the “habit” was the appearance of the FamilySearch home page.  I thought I always remembered being able to easily find some key “links” at what I thought was the top of the page.

Today when I was looking at the site I kept looking and looking for the link on the homepage for “Learn”.  I thought I was looking in the area where I thought it was.  This is a link to get you to all things about research aids and online tutorials.  So for me it was important.

My eyes finally went way high on top of the page and I did discover the list of links that I thought had previously been a little lower on the page.

My eyes initially looked at the area of the homepage just under the title “Discover Your Family History”.  That is where I thought my familiar links called home.  Today under the title “Discover Your Family History” I saw the links for “Records”, “Genealogies”, “Catalog” and “Books”.

Maybe you are like me and often used the link for “Learning”.  Maybe you also thought it disappeared or you just could not find it.

That is why I am writing this.

Again, look high on the homepage of FamilySearch for a series of key links, then look a little lower under the title of “Discover Your Family History” and you will see another series of links to key areas on the site.

Take a look at the site at FamilySearch.

Take another look at the FamilySearch homepage if you have not very recently been there.  Look way high on the page and then a little lower for the two sets of key links to help you get around the site for things other than just searching for ancestors.

I don’t know if they altered the main page or if my brain got zapped recently when looking for this material!

Hope this helps you if you felt a little lost on the site as I was when trying to find some key links I always click on.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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