Our Library Has Added Some Online Illinois Oriented Journals To Our Database Collection; Some Illinois Historical Ones Included; Consider For Possible Genealogy Research

Hi Everyone!

STDL ImageOur Local History Librarian just made us all aware that our library now has available a database of some Illinois focused magazines and journals that you can access through our websites list of databases.

Here is what our Local History Librarian noted about the journals and magazines now in this new database:


This is just a heads up that we have added a new index to the Magazines category of our Research page.  It is called Illinois Periodicals Online and is coordinated by Northern Illinois University.  It indexes the following Illinois magazines:

  • Illinois Country Living  1996-2004
  • Illinois History  1992-2002
  • Illinois Issues  1975-2001 
  • Illinois Municipal Review  1956-1996 (includes scattered years)
  • Outdoor Illinois  1999-2002
  • Illinois Heritage  1997-2008
  • Illinois History Teacher  1994-2009
  • Illinois Libraries  1984, 1995-2000
  • Illinois Parks and Recreation  1970-2012


You can access the material from our library’s own list of databases as noted above or you can also access it directly at:

Northern Illinois University List Of Illinois Oriented Online Journals And Magazines

I bring this to your attention because as you can see from the list of titles, two of them might be beneficial for your family history research.  Note the titles for “Illinois History” and “Illinois Heritage”.  The year ranges noted in the above constitutes what is in the online database.  You can access the full text and images of the articles in the issues.

For those of you doing Illinois family history research, it would look like “Illinois Heritage” might be a good source for you to consider to look through.  There are not that many issues in the collection as you can see by the year range, but the articles do appear to be very detailed and well written.  I just happened to be browsing through an issue from the year 2000 and I saw an article on “The Vandalia Statehouse Move to Springfield”.

That is a sample of what you can find by browsing through the material.

Do not expect to find surnames here in a searchable manner like at Ancestry.com.

You can bring the article up in full-text mode and then use your browser “find” command to do a search for whatever you have an interest in.  It will find that term, if it is in the article, and you will see it nicely highlighted in color for ease of discovery.

This material can provide you with a lot more historical background relevant to Illinois but not necessarily advance your pedigree searching.

The new database is accessible by anyone from home if you access it through our databases.  You do not have to be a Schaumburg Library card holder to access the data.

I would encourage you to check it out or make note of it for future access.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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