RootsTech 2013 Ends; Incredibly Successful; Key Videos Of Programs Now Online At RootsTech Website

Hi Everyone!

RootsTech LogoA few weeks ago I made you aware that RootsTech 2013 was about to start their annual conference in Salt Lake City, UT.  That time has now come and gone.  RootsTech 2013 is now history and should be proudly basking in how successful this year’s edition turned out!

Dick Eastman has reported in his online Newsletter about the events that transpired at the conference that was held from March 21 to March 23.  Here is a link to Dick’s blog post providing a very nice summary overview of the conference:

Dick Eastman’s Newsletter Post About RootsTech 2013 In Salt Lake City, Utah

Here is a quote (following in Italics) from Dick’s post about the magnitude in numbers that puts the success of this conference in perspective:

“The RootsTech Conference is now the largest genealogy conference in North America. Actually, it earned that title last year but then grew by more than 50% this year. I know it was big because I am exhausted. My feet hurt, my back hurts, I haven’t had much sleep, and I am tired. In other words, it was a great conference!

Sponsored by Family Search, the RootsTech Conference was held for three days at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. More than 6,700 people from 49 U.S. States (why was no one there from Delaware?) and 17 countries were in the Salt Palace Convention Center for the opening day of the RootsTech Conference on March 21. I never heard the final attendance numbers, but I saw a long line of people on the opening day waiting to purchase tickets at the door. Obviously, the final number was higher than 6,700.

That number does not include the nearly 2,000 teen-agers who attended a special “genealogy for youth” session on Saturday. Boy Scout merit badges for genealogy were awarded to many at this session. If you add in the teen-agers, the total attendance at RootsTech 2013 had to be nearly 9,000 individuals.

As if that isn’t enough, another 10,000 people viewed classes and events via live streaming online video, and another 4,000 participated by remote satellite broadcast at Family History centers in 17 locations in seven countries, including the United States, according to FamilySearch.

That totals about 23,000 people, give or take a few, who attended or at least watched some part of RootsTech2003. Who says the popularity of genealogy is slipping?”

The numbers to me are staggering.  National conferences of the recent past are often considered very successful if attendance is somewhere in the 2,000 to 2,500 range.  Look at Dick’s reporting of the statistics on the event and one would have to assume that the attendance figures among all of the categories is like “knocking it out of the park”.

I highly recommend visiting the RootsTech website and spend some time looking at the magnificent set of 13 videos of a variety of the programs that occurred over the 3 days.  These are free to look at on the site.  They are brilliant in terms of video quality.  If I look at only a few, I like to spend some time looking at the Keynote speakers.  These speakers generally give us a “big picture” view of genealogy and things related to genealogy.  They are often “rah rah” kind of motivational speeches that often can get our genealogy jump-started again if we were temporarily unmotivated.

Visit the RootsTech 2013 site at:

RootsTech 2013

Somehow this conference has really taken off like a rocket ship and has been bucking the trend of smaller and smaller audiences attending national conferences.

I just feel the excitement looking through some of the online videos.

The people and the topics are really buzzing.

RootsTech 2014 is already on the drawing board.

February 6 through February 8, 2014 will be the days to do it again in Salt Lake City, Utah!

Read through all of Dick Eastman’s post of the event from the above link I have provided.

Check out the RootsTech 2013 videos from the above link.  You will not be disappointed.

Get your “genealogy engine” jump-started!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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