FamilySearch PDF Training Guide To Learn About The New Family Tree Function At FamilySearch

Hi Everyone! LogoFamilySearch has activated the Family Tree function at their website that will now allow you to upload your family trees.

You will need to register yourself with FamilySearch in order to avail yourself of this new functionality.  Registering is painless and costs nothing.  If you have been a volunteer indexer, you would have already registered yourself with them.  By registering, you will also have the capability of viewing database material for some databases that you would not be able to view without being registered.  Registering with FamilySearch is also a necessity for you to order online any microfilms you want to review for your own research.

So there is very little, if any, downside to registering.

When there are new functions we may be hesitant to try them out.  However, I like to look for any new “training” material via a video or screen shots of how an application works or even some online manuals that can at least provide some insight into the new process.

I was able to find a recently released 160 + page PDF document put together by FamilySearch that will help guide you through the process of using this new Family Tree  feature at FamilySearch.

You can find this wonderful learning resource directly at FamilySearch at:

Family Tree Learning Guide From FamilySearch (April 2013)

Save the file as a PDF for easy access when you need to use it.

Or just find it at FamilySearch within the “Help” section of the site within the Product Support section for Family Tree.  (As much as I love FamilySearch, finding this material was not a very direct route.  I think FamilySearch could make this pathway to this learning resource a lot more direct!)

Spend some time learning about this new feature via this manual put together from FamilySearch.

Once you feel more comfortable knowing about how the Family Tree function works, you may then want to actually start loading up your own Family Tree material.

Enjoy the guide.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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