Video About The New Family Tree Function At FamilySearch; Program Originated From Recent RootsTech 2013; Speaker Is Ron Tanner Of FamilySearch

Hi Everyone! LogoYou know I am a big believer in online tutorials and training videos.

FamilySearch just recently activated its new Family Tree capability that allows registered users with FamilySearch to upload their family trees and much more.

I just recently made a blog post that provided a link to a very nice detailed 160 + page PDF document that can be used as a guide for how to use the new Family Tree function at FamilySearch.  You can find this PDF at:

Family Tree Learning Guide From FamilySearch (April 2013)

Today, I am glad to be able to provide you with a link to a video from the recently completed RootsTech 2013 Conference that will share even more information about this new functionality.

Ron Tanner of FamilySearch makes a humorous and informative presentation about the Family Tree capability from within FamilySearch.    Be ready for a few smiles and laughs while you still learn about the new Family Tree.  You can view this presentation at the following link below :

Ron Tanner Family Tree Functionality At FamilySearch Presentation From RootsTech 2013

Many of us use FamilySearch frequently.  Now we have the capability to upload our family history trees to FamilySearch.  So hopefully the PDF Family Tree manual and the video presentation by Ron Tanner mentioned above will provide you with the information to become comfortable with the process.

Your online family trees can certainly open you up to be discovered by other researchers having the same family lines.  These connections can facilitate more collaboration between researchers on common ancestral connections.

Now you can spend some time learning more about the new Family Tree capability at FamilySearch, both in print and from a well-versed speaker, Ron Tanner of FamilySearch.

Check them both out!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District LIbrary

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