1921 Census Of Canada To Be Released “Shortly”; No Exact Date Established For Release

Hi Everyone!

Library and Archives CanadaFor those of you that are doing Canadian research you may want to take note of some recent developments.  The 1921 Census of Canada will soon be made available for research.  Dick Eastman had a post in his online newsletter making readers aware of the pending release of this valuable information for Canadian ancestral researchers.

Here is a link to the article noted in Dick Eastman’s Online Newsletter:

1921 Canadian Census Data To Be Released Soon News Item From Dick Eastman’s Online Newsletter Dated June 4, 2013

You should also be aware that Canada has its own “privacy” limits on release of data such as this census data.  Under Canadian law, census data is withheld from public viewing for 92 years after the data was gathered.  For comparative purposes, census data in various European countries is often withheld from public access for 100 years.  Yet we here in the United States only have to wait a mere 72 years for U.S. Census data to be released to the public.  We all experienced that put into play last year in 2012 when the 1940 U.S. Census was released.

We in the United States have to be thankful that we still have a 72 year period of privacy before release.  I do worry that someone is going to suggest that the United States needs to withhold data like this for an even longer period of time so that we are more in step with other countries that hold the data for as long as 100 years before releasing it.

I hope we never see that long of an interval to keep things private.  Perhaps the 72 year interval originated when that was the approximate life expectancy.  That is no longer true as life expectancy has increased to approximately 8o years.

Cross our fingers and hope the 72 year rule stays as is!

If you are doing Canadian research,  you may want to stay “tuned-in” over the next few weeks in anticipation of release of the 1921 Canadian Census data.  More detailed information on the release of the data by the Library and Archives Canada will be expected shortly.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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