Family Tree DNA Video From YouTube; Discover What Family Tree DNA Can Do For You In Your Genealogy Research

Hi Everyone!

Family Tree DNAYou can’t help but hear about having your DNA tested for genealogical purposes.

One little cheek swab inside your mouth is all that is needed.

One recent handout that I had noted that there are at least 38 companies that provide a DNA analysis.  Once your DNA is analyzed by these companies, you will get some insights into how your DNA compares to others that have submitted their DNA to the company.  You will then see if anyone is a “match” to your DNA and can make contact with them to continue possible determination on the relationship.

It sounds like a simple process.  However, your understanding of your results can still be complicated, scientific and just plain difficult to comprehend.

Once again I like to turn to material that exists on YouTube for help in learning about something that you simply do not deal with every day.

Family Tree DNA is one of the companies that exists that can do DNA analysis for you.  They are one of the larger of the 38 companies that provides this service.  And in the world of DNA analysis, you often have to go with the larger companies that have the most participants in their database.  This increases your chances of possibly having some match with an existing participant when your DNA is compared to others.

The website for Family Tree DNA notes that they have about 639,000 records on file from those that have submitted DNA to the company.

I was not having much luck in finding other statistics from other DNA testing companies for comparative purposes.

You can visit Family Tree DNA on the web at:

Family Tree DNA

There is no one universal across the board comparison of DNA results for you among all of the various companies.  Your results will be based on comparing your DNA to others in that same database.  If a potential relation to you also tested DNA but with another company, your DNA will not be compared to their DNA in that other database.

I have recently been going back to YouTube to see what I can find that can help you better understand the DNA Genealogy process.  I did discover that one of the top companies, Family Tree DNA, also known as FTDNA, has a “channel” on YouTube.

In their channel you can find a variety of videos that not only promote them as a company and the work they do, but do give the unfamiliar researcher some insight into what the entire DNA genealogy is and what it can provide.  So though these videos are “teaching” videos they are in the same regard an “infomercial”.

You can still learn a whole lot about something you never previously understood from such a program!

On their FTDNA Channel, the company has many videos.  Some are shorter in length, under 3 minutes, some are longer in length, about 23 minutes.  The shorter ones may be extracts of some of the larger ones for convenience.  I have not compared each short one to see if it is contained in a larger one.

I thought that sharing a larger one produced by this company would give you a fuller picture of what the company offers as a service and what it can do for you in your genealogical research efforts.

If you want to try to clear some of the “cobwebs” and “confusion” about DNA and genealogy then give the following 23 minute video from Family Tree DNA a chance.  I think it will give you the insights you are looking for and not overwhelm you with scientific analysis that can only make things more difficult to digest.

Here is the video I was referring to.  You can view it right in this blog post:

You can also visit YouTube directly and use the search term “ftdna channel” to discover many more videos on the subject.

Be informed on the subject.  DNA and Genealogy is only going to be getting larger, more powerful and less expensive over time.  The more people in the DNA pool, the better your chance of making connections to relatives, many that you are aware of, and some that are going to be the “surprises” and “discoveries” of the day.

I hope you enjoyed the “promo” from Family Tree DNA!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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