“How To Find A Revolutionary War Patriot?” Posting By Dick Eastman; Very Concise And Informative To Help You Discover Revolutionary War Patriots And “Loyalists”

Hi Everyone!

Revolutionary War 1776I was looking through Dick Eastman’s Online material today and saw that he had a very wonderful post on “How To Find A Revolutionary War Patriot?” at his site.

Here is the link to the Dick Eastman post:

“How To Find A Revolutionary War Patriot?” Post By Dick Eastman

For my own personal research my ancestral connections will never take me back to the Civil War or the Revolutionary War.  I wish that could happen but I need to deal with reality.

For many of you, there may be a wonderful ancestral connection leading you back to ancestors that may have already been born by 1760 and who were living in our original 13 colonies at that time.  Male ancestors that fit that requirement are often prime candidates for some involvement in the Revolutionary War period activities.

Congratulations if you have already established the Revolutionary War connection to your ancestors!  If you have not yet made the connection, then the Dick Eastman article is a nice short, sweet and concise guideline full of tips in a short amount of text space that can help you uncover your Revolutionary War connections.

The article also presents some information about how to pursue discovering information on Revolutionary War ancestors of the time that may have been identified as “Loyalists”, those that still gave their allegiance to the King of England and did oppose the Colonial Revolution.

You know genealogy research can take you down paths that produce results that may not be to your liking.  Your ancestor  may have been one that did not want to gain freedom from England but one that rather wanted to still be connected under the terms and conditions of the “colonial” mindset.

Have an open mind in your research.  Let the facts create the story for your ancestral connection.

Revolutionary or Loyalist!

You make the discovery.

Military Pension records are often the best source to discover on ancestors and their connection to the Revolutionary War.  The posting by Dick Eastman is loaded with insights into the military pension process in 1778, 1818, 1823 and 1832 and 1848 all of which are important to be aware of and how they may have affected a Revolutionary ancestor of yours.

I enjoyed the posting by Dick Eastman a great deal and wanted to make you aware how much good research help is packed into such a short post.  It is a fast read that really provides a great deal of information to help you in your pursuit of uncovering information about your Revolutionary War ancestor.

I only wish I had the ancestral connection to that time period!

Maybe you do!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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