Family Tree DNA Has A Big Sale On Family Finder Testing Product; $99 Instead Of $199; Sale Ends July 26, 2013

Hi Everyone!

Family Tree DNABarb P. a participant at our monthly genealogy programs, has made me aware of a “gigantic” sale taking place at Family Tree DNA.

Their best know genealogically oriented DNA testing product is known as “Family Finder”.  Normally, this product has been advertised at a $199 cost.  Right now, through July 26, 2013, the test is being offered at a remarkable price of only $99.  That is a 50% discount!  But you have to act now as the sale is only in place until the noted July 26, 2013 date.

Barb P. has been an active participant with Family Tree DNA.  She has previously purchased and participated in the “Family Finder” product offered by Family Tree DNA.  She has been very happy with what the test offers and has made some fascinating discoveries with the results she has been given.  Your results provide you with contact information on anyone in the database that has also taken the test with Family Tree DNA and is indicated as having genealogical DNA connections with you.

She knows what she speaks of about the fantastic sale that is currently taking place on the “Family Finder” product especially when she previously paid the much higher price herself.  So she knows a great sale when she sees one and wants to be sure that you are aware of this sale.

If you have been on the “fence” waiting to take a DNA test for genealogical purposes, then the time may be now to jump in with both feet at a 50% savings!

But the sale is only on until July 26, 2013!

Here is the web site for Family Tree DNA so you get an overall view of the company and the products they offer for DNA testing:

Family Tree DNA

Here is a link to information about the specific product called “Family Finder” they offered that focuses on genealogical information:

Family Tree DNA/Family Finder

Here is the text description of the “Family Finder” product from the Family Tree DNA site:


Family Finder

NEW! Discover close relatives and your ethnic percentages with Family Finder!

Family Finder uses autosomal DNA (inherited from both the mother and father, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents, etc.) to provide you a breakdown of your ethnic percentages and connect you with relatives descended from any of your ancestral lines within approximately the last 5 generations.

Results Include:

genetic matches with relationship ranges, visual tools to show matching DNA, and ethnic percentages. Family Tree DNA does not charge a subscription fee. We will continue to update you about new matches and other information regarding your results.* [Read More].

Should I Take Family Finder?

If you are interested in using DNA for close genealogy relationships (within the past 5 generations) that cross gender lines or if you are curious about your ethnic percentages, Family Finder is the right choice!**

** Due to the nature of autosomal DNA, the test does not specify from which branch of your family tree your matches or the percentages of your geographic heritage derive.


You can obtain the test for the $99 sale price by simply following the “Purchase A Test” link from the “Family Finder” product description website link above.

Discover your connections to anyone else that may have submitted their DNA with Family Tree DNA and has a match with you.  Even if you initially do not see matched results you will now know that as more and more genealogists submit their DNA sample that at some point in the future you may discover the magic match to another fellow researcher, with both of you sharing that common connection.

Time is now running out until the end of the sale on July 26, 2013.

Maybe now is the right time for you to get your DNA tested while you can save 50% compared to the normal cost.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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