Re-Post Reminder: New Season Of “Who Do You Think You Are?” Starts On Tuesday Evening, July 23, 2013, At 8 PM Central Time On The Learning Channel (TLC); Check TLC Website For Show Information

Hi Everyone!

Who Do You Think You Are?I just want to remind all of you that the new season for “Who Do You Think You Are?” will be starting on the cable channel The Learning Channel (TLC) on Tuesday evening, July 23, 2013, at 8 PM Central time.

Previously, when the show was on NBC, they dedicated a portion of their website to the show so that you could always get updates on the show and view online videos of the shows that had been broadcast.  TLC appears to be doing the same for this show as it unfolds during this season.  You can find the information for the show on TLC at:

“Who Do You Think You Are?” Website At The Learning Channel (TLC)

You will find some “teaser” videos on some of the upcoming “stars” that will appear on the show this season, as well as some “biographical” information on two of the upcoming stars to make an appearance on the show, Kelly Clarkson and Christina Applegate.

There will only be 8 episodes of the show for this new season on TLC.  NBC for a season previously had about 12 episodes.  Maybe the lesser amount of shows for this season is because of the transition to the new cable channel as they get their feet planted firmly in the ground for this show!  I hope if all goes well this season that there will be another season and that season will hopefully be “fuller”
with more episodes.

Only time and viewership ratings will tell for what happens next year!

Here are the “stars” that will appear on the show during the 8 episode run for the season on TLC.  The order is alphabetical and does not represent the order of the shows as they appear to the best of my knowledge:

  • Christina Applegate
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Cindy Crawford
  • Zooey Deschanel
  • Chelsea Handler
  • Chris O’Donnell
  • JIm Parsons
  • Trisha Yearwood

It has been over 1 year since we saw the “last” episode of this wonderful genealogy show in May 2012.  That seems like an eternity ago.

It has now been “raised from the dead” and given new life on this cable channel.

Make sure you mark down the date and time and plan to DVR it.  If you miss that, it looks like the website for the show will allow you to revisit it and view it online.  It appears you will also be able to see each episode on the website after it views initially on TLC.

Now is the time to reconnect with some TV help and entertainment to motivate you in your own genealogical research efforts.

Mark your calendar for Tuesday evening, July 23, 2013 at 8 PM central time on the The Learning Channel (TLC) on cable.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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