New Poll On Right Sidebar Of The Blog; Simple Question Being Posed; “Have You Ever Watched The American Genealogy TV Program “Who Do You Think You Are?”?; “Yes” Or “No”?

Hi Everyone!

Well, here goes another Poll that is now on the right sidebar of the blog right at the top of the blog homepage.

I am just asking for a simple response to a very basic question.

“Have You Ever Watched The American Genealogy TV Program “Who Do You Think You Are?”?  Yes or No

Simple, direct and to the point.

This popular TV program is making a brand new appearance on a different network since it has been off the air on NBC since May 2012.  So why not ask the question whether you have watched the show at any time?  Gee, maybe if you did not watch it in the past on NBC, that would explain why it got cancelled!  I am not putting a guilt trip on you!

Well you now have another chance to take a look at what has been a very popular show on TV.  It was surprising that NBC cancelled the show after 3 seasons on air in May 2012.  The ratings and popularity of the show seemed good.  The show is now coming back to TV with 8 new episodes starting Tuesday evening, July 23, 2013, at 8 PM Central Time on The Learning Channel (TLC) on Cable TV.

I believe the fact that it is coming back does in fact does speak to the popularity of the show and how well received and viewed it was by so many family historians.  It just needed a new home on a new network, new day of the week and new time for viewing.

You get to see popular stars, get a sense of the emotion of family history, see a little bit of the process of research and also get to often travel around the world with the stars as they make their discoveries all within 1 hour of viewing time!  Ah, the miracle of TV and  how things get so nicely wrapped up in such a short time!

Give me an idea as to whether you have ever watched the show previously when it had its run on NBC.  I would like to gauge from family historians whether you actually took the time to see one of the shows when it was on NBC.

“Yes” or “No”?

If “Yes”, you now get your program back on the air with new episodes for you to see.

If “No”, you now have a chance to start viewing the show that so many of us have become “hooked” on.  You will now  be both entertained and informed with the world of genealogy and popular stars!

Take a look at the new Poll.  Consider providing a reply.

Let’s see how active this poll can be.

The more the merrier!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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