Public Broadcasting System (PBS) Premiered “Genealogy Roadshow” On Monday, September 23, 2013; More Genealogy TV For You To Enjoy; Link To Video Of First Episode Included

Hi Everyone!

Genealogy Roadshow PBS LogoCan’t get enough of “Who Do You Think You Are?”.  Probably not since the 8 episode schedule for this season has run its course and is over except for viewing re-runs of the 8 episodes.

Well, just in the nick of time to feed your genealogy habit, Public Broadcasting System (PBS) just premiered its own genealogy TV series titled “Genealogy Roadshow”.  It is somewhat liken to the PBS series “Antiques Roadshow” in style.  PBS tours various US locations and interacts with various individuals in that area and gives them answers to their own genealogical questions they may have.  It is like genealogy for the general public and not for a “star” as happens with “Who Do You Think You Are?”.

Here is a description of the program as offered by Public Broadcasting from their website that follows below in Italics:


About the Program
Part detective story, part emotional journey, Genealogy Roadshow will combine history and science to uncover the fascinating stories of diverse Americans. Each individual’s past will link to a larger community history, revealing the rich cultural tapestry of America.

Genealogy Roadshow premiere season will feature participants from four American cities — Nashville, Detroit, San Francisco and Austin — who want to explore unverified genealogical claims, passed down through family history, that may (or may not) connect them to an event or a historical figure. These cities were chosen as American crossroads of culture, diversity, industry and history, with deep pools of potential participants and stories.  After participants are chosen, experts in genealogy, history and DNA will use family heirlooms, letters, pictures, historical documents and other clues to hunt down more information.

These experts will enlist the help of local historians to add color and context to the investigations, ensuring every artifact and every name becomes a clue in solving the mystery. Residents of Nashville, Detroit, San Francisco and Austin are invited and encouraged to submit their personal stories as Genealogy Roadshow will unearth family and community secrets, reveal notable relatives and discover unexpected stories that connect the past to the present. Many answers will be revealed on camera before a local audience, in a historic building relevant to the cities’ – and the participants’ – histories.


The first episode of the series just premiered last night, Monday, September 23, 2013.  It took place in Nashville, TN.

I have not yet watched the first episode and I plan do so by connecting to PBS and watching it online.  Unfortunately, I cannot give you any initial feedback about the show since it just broadcast last night.  I wanted to be able to make you aware of this new show.

In fact, you can get to the premier episode at the PBS website at the following link:

“Genealogy Roadshow” Premier Episode September 23, 2013 From Nashville, TN

The show runs for an hour.

Here is the link to the show information in general and access to this video and the future ones when they occur:

Genealogy Roadshow on PBS

There you go!  More genealogy TV.  As you can see from the above, there are only going to be a total of 4 shows originating this season from the above noted cities.

If anyone has seen this new show, feel free to leave your comments on this post.  Give me your insights into what you thought about this new show.  I will hopefully have some posts about the show once I see the Nashville episode.


Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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