New Episode Of “Genealogy Roadshow” On Your Local PBS Station Tonight; Nice Review Of The First Episode Of “Genealogy Roadshow” Provided By Dick Eastman

Hi Everyone!

Genealogy Roadshow PBS LogoJust a reminder that the second installment of “Genealogy Roadshow” will air tonight, Monday, September 30, 2013, on your local PBS stations.  For those of you local to the Chicago area that means you will be able to see the show on WTTW tonight at 9 PM Chicago time.  The show runs for 1 hour.

The very first show aired last week and originated in Nashville, TN.  Only 4 episodes are currently on tap to air for the brand new series this season.

Tonight’s show was made in Detroit, MI.

Make a note of the time of the show tonight if you want to watch it in its live broadcast slot.  If you miss it or want to watch it later, you can view it from the national PBS website when it becomes available:

Genealogy Roadshow From PBS

According to the buzz from Dick Eastman’s blog, it appears the show has a “Thumbs Up!” and is worth watching.  Here is a link to Dick Eastman’s blog post in which he provides his views and opinions on the first show that was aired:

Dick Eastman Blog Post With His Review And Opinion About The Premier Episode Of “Genealogy Roadshow”

I would especially take a look at the very long list of thoughtful comments left on Dick Eastman’s blog post about the show in the above link.  You can really get a better feel of the show from these comments as well as from Dick’s original post.

See what you think about the show yourself.

It is different from “Who Do You Think You Are?”!

Give it a try either in watching when it broadcasts tonight or take a look at the past episode from the above PBS link in case you miss the original airing tonight.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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