Our Electronic Reference Product (ERP) Computers Behind The “Ask Us” Desk On The 2nd Floor Now Allow You To Access FamilySearch

Hi Everyone!

STDL ImageWe have made another change to make your genealogy research a little easier, especially if you are not bringing in your own laptop or tablet computer that you would connect to our internal WiFi system.

Our library offers for in-house use only the Ancestry Library Edition product.  You can access this genealogy research database from Ancestry on our Electronic Reference Product (ERP) computers that are in the area behind the “Ask Us” desk on the 2nd floor.  “Ask Us” was formerly known as the Reference Desk in days past!

These computers allow you to access a variety of electronic databases that our library offers.  These computers are not set up for general internet access and will allow the user to access only within the confines of the electronic product.  So if you wanted to search Ancestry Library Edition you could do so at these computers.  If while using Ancestry Library Edition you wanted to switch over and access FamilySearch you would have discovered that you could not because FamilySearch is not a purchasable electronic database and was just considered as trying to access the internet in general.  Our library has an entire different area on the 2nd floor dedicated to those that want general access to the internet.

We have now made this a little easier for your genealogy research to now allow you to access FamilySearch from these ERP computers in addition to allow you to normally access Ancestry Library Edition.  Just enter in the URL for FamilySearch (www.familysearch.org)  within the Browser you are using (either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) on the ERP computer.  You will be taken to FamilySearch and can begin your searching of FamilySearch material from the ERP computers.

You will still not be able to use these computers for just general internet access.  We still have a separate area on the 2nd floor to use the internet.

But at least now you can combine your genealogy searching using two key resources all from the same ERP computer.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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