“What’s New At Ancestry.com October 2013” YouTube Video

Hi Everyone!

ancestry-logoI just did a quick look at YouTube and saw that there is now a October 2013 video posted from Ancestry.com that is titled “What’s New At Ancestry.com October 2013”.

The video is an approximate 29 minute production hosted by Crista Cowan of Ancestry.com who provides the viewers with updates on what new things users of Ancestry.com should be aware of.

Topics covered in this video by Crista are:

  • October is National Family History Month
  • Follow the Ancestry.com blog and look for posts from “Ancestry Ann” who is the contributing blogger from Ancestry
  • Upcoming genealogy conferences – Genealogy Event in New York City on November 2, 2013 as well as upcoming Ancestry Day in San Francisco on November 9, 2013
  • Updated free iOS Ancestry.com app to correlate with new iOS 7 released by Apple
  • Global Photo Commenting
  • Ancestry.com acquires FindAGrave.com.  It will remain FREE.
  • New content
  • Massachusetts Vital Records 1901-1980 (about 11 million records)
  • Cuyahoga County Ohio Tax Lists 1819-1869 (about 576,000 records)
  • Birmingham, England Church Records 1538-1937 (about 7 individual databases with a different variety of records and years among them containing about 2.3 million records)
  • Native American records relating to Five Civilized Tribes.  (About 172,000 records.)

You can view this video directly here:

Crista does an excellent job of sharing what is new at Ancestry.com that can make your use of the product even more effective and beneficial with your family history research.  She shows you via her computer screen what to look for at the Ancestry.com site.

I also did a search on YouTube looking for similarly titled videos and did discover that there are many “What’s New At Ancestry.com” videos on YouTube going back at least until April of 2012.  These series of videos are a great tool to use to review going back in time so you keep current with all that is being offered and added to Ancestry.com.

Here is a simple link to my search in YouTube that will give you this nice list of these videos posted to YouTube that you can do some catching up on to know about all of the new things at Ancestry.com:

“What’s New At Ancestry.com” YouTube Videos

The host does a very good job verbally describing the new additions as well as showing you the new things at Ancestry via screencasting.  That allows you to see her computer screen as she points out the various “new” things you may see at Ancestry.com and where they are located.

Because so many of us use Ancestry.com, either via a personal subscription or by using the Ancestry product at our local libraries, these YouTube videos are quite informative to keep users up to date with new features that take root on Ancestry.com.  The host provides even more depth to the importance of the change and even why it was done.

I think you will enjoy the most recent video above as well as looking at the link above for even more of these videos.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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