“One-On-One” Genealogy Consultations Being Offered By Casa Italia In Stone Park, IL; Italian Genealogy Research Help Being Offered As Well As Non-Italian Genealogy Research Help Being Offered

Hi Everyone,

Casa Italia LogoI just discovered that Casa Italia Genealogy Department in Stone Park, IL  is offering “One-on-One” genealogy research assistance on Mondays.

Please note in the information that follows that registration in advance  is required.

Sessions are limited to 45 minutes.

Quoting from the blog post:


1 On 1 Genealogy Consultation

The Casa Italia Genealogy Department is again offering one on one genealogy assistance in our library on Mondays starting September 9. We are not only assisting with Italian research, but any ethnic background. Karen Baleno-Bogdan and Terri O’Connell are providing consultation on Mondays and specializes in Italian research.

To register for a 45 minute session please email to set an appointment ( Karen Bogdan at karenbaleno@comcast.net) or (Terri O’Connell at terri@findingourancestors.net) with your top two preferred dates and times, name, email, phone number and short description of what you are looking for (beginning help, genealogy problem, etc.)

© 2013, Casa Italia, Stone Park, IL


The offer appears to be primarily geared to Italian researchers that can also take advantage of the resources available at the library at Casa Italia.  It is also nice that you can get this “One-On-One” help for non-Italian genealogy help that you are seeking.

Take advantage of the help being offered through the Casa Italia Genealogy Department.

Visit the main web site for Casa Italia at the following link to see what other information can be obtained from the site:

Casa Italia Website At WordPress

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, especially if you are stuck on your Italian genealogy research.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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