“How To Order Microfilms Through FamilySearch” Training Video; Films Are Ordered Online; You Will Need To Be Registered With FamilySearch To Order Microfilms

Hi Everyone,

FamilySearch.org LogoWe all love finding our ancestral information with just a quick set of keyboard entries at a variety of sites.  That is great and great progress can be made in your research.  But do not just consider the online databases as your only resources.

Check out the FamilySearch online catalog and do some searching on it.  Consider doing a “place” search for the area of your ancestral interest.  Perhaps you will discover film material that looks interesting to you to uncover more about your ancestors.  The film number of the material will become your key to order and use the film to advance your research.

You can reach their online catalog at:

FamilySearch Online Catalog

Microfilms from the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints (LDS) are still a main source of research information.  These films can be rented easily via an online request through the FamilySearch website.  You will need to be registered with FamilySearch in order to have the capability to order your films online.

Sometimes in discussing accessing microfilm material with an individual through FamilySearch, I may make far too many assumptions of the level of their knowledge of the process.  Microfilms are still a very valuable resource tool and the researcher needs to understand how ordering of these films is done through FamilySearch.

With that goal in mind, I went to the site and found that FamilySearch offers some nice online informative videos about the film ordering process.  Here is a link to the part of the Film Ordering site that allows you to view some training videos:

FamilySearch Microfilm Ordering Help

In addition to the 6 training aids at this part of the site, I want to make sure you are aware specifically of the one that describes the film ordering process.  You can see this video at:

How To Online Film Order Through FamilySearch

If you know a film exists that could help you but you have never ordered a microfilm from FamilySearch because you were uncertain, then now is the time to remove that uncertainty.  You are just hindering your research if you do not order films simply because you do not know how.

The Help section in the above links will also provide you with understanding more about what are the kinds of loans they have and for how long can you use the film.  You will also see the different prices to rent the films as well as selecting a Family History Center (FHC) of your choice where the film will be delivered for your use.

I hope this post will help take some of the mystery out of the FamilySearch film ordering process, especially for those researchers that may have never rented a film through FamilySearch.

I can’t emphasize enough how important these films are.  Most of my own Polish ancestral material is on these films not yet having seen the light of day as an indexed database online!  Do not shortchange your research.

Learn the FamilySearch film ordering process.  Get those films that can really advance your research.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library


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