Where Are The World War II Military Records You Need To Research Your WW II Military Ancestors?; Jennifer Holik Has Blogged Extensively About How To Successfully Uncover These Important Records Of Your Ancestors

Hi Everyone!

WWII LogoMilitary records research is often a major effort when we are doing our ancestral genealogy research.  Our ancestors often served in the military during the time of their lives.  But we often think in terms of the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Mexican American War, Civil War etc.

But what if you are doing genealogical research on your somewhat more contemporary ancestors that may have served in the military during World War II?  World War II does not seem that far back in time for many of us that are in our 60s but it actually started in 1941 from a United States involvement perspective which means it goes back 74 years ago.

These records are available but maybe the methodology to uncover them is something we have not yet done as we construct our family trees inclusive of World War II vets.

Jennifer Holik is a genealogy program speaker, researcher and author, that we have had at our library, as well as the owner of Generations.  She presented a program that showed us the ways by which we could get our younger children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews etc. interested in picking up the genealogy torch with us.

Jennifer also has a skill in uncovering the connections of our ancestors to their military history.  She has even written some books about the subject as it related to her own genealogical investigations.

Jennifer will be a future speaker at our library again in May 2015 and November 2015.  She will be sharing with us her knowledge about how to go about doing your military research, especially about your World War II vet/ancestor.

I did notice that she has made some recent blog posts providing some very detailed insights into how to go about researching your World War II ancestor’s military records.  Her blog posts were outstanding on providing background and details that genealogy researchers can learn to make their World  War II records research more productive and less frustrating.

GenerationsBiz LogoHere are the links to her recent blog posts that I know you will find full of detailed information to help you uncover those World War II military records you may not even be aware of that can help you paint a more full picture of an ancestor.

January 27, 2014 Jennifer Holik “Where ARE the WW II Military Records?” Blog Post

February 3, 2014 Jennifer Holik “WW II Military Research Is NOT the Same As Genealogy Research” Blog Post

You can connect to the entire blog that Jennifer is authoring at:

Generations Blog Authored By Jennifer Holik

Bloggers often focus on certain themes to create blog posts on certain days of the week.  One of the themes in the blogger world is “Military Monday”.  This is the day that Jennifer has been making her blog posts related to military records research related to genealogy.  She has really been following this theme and has been prolific in her blog posts on World War II military research on “Military Monday”.

If you are focusing part of your current genealogy research on uncovering military records for your ancestors, especially those in connection to World War II, then I highly recommend following Jennifer’s blog posts as she shares information about how to do that kind of research.

You will have to wait a little bit to see Jennifer make her World War II military presentations at our library.  But until she gets here in 2015 you can still add to your research knowledge on World War II records by following Jennifer’s blog posts as they occur on “Military Monday”.

Thanks Jennifer for making these very helpful posts!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

One response to “Where Are The World War II Military Records You Need To Research Your WW II Military Ancestors?; Jennifer Holik Has Blogged Extensively About How To Successfully Uncover These Important Records Of Your Ancestors

  1. Thank you Tony for posting about my series. There will be posts every Monday this year, two new books out this spring and summer, and a series of books with much more detail out starting this fall! Stay tuned!

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