2 Great LDS Open Indexing Projects For Your Consideration; U.S., Illinois, Chicago, Catholic Church Records, 1833-1910; U.S., Illinois, Cook County, Deaths, 1959-1994

Hi Everyone!

FamilySearch.org LogoBarb P., our recent February 2014 Genealogy Program speaker, made me aware of an ongoing LDS Indexing Project that hits right here at home.  She mentioned to me that indexers can select death records from Cook County, Illinois for indexing.  The death records cover the recent time period from 1959 to 1994.

When I looked at the information regarding the project, the statistics seem to indicate that 20% of the data has been indexed and of that amount, 12% has been arbitrated.

There is nothing quite like helping yourself out in your own research when you can roll up your sleeves and start indexing records that may very well be pertinent to your very own research.

Here is a link from the FamilySearch website that will get you to the list of these open indexing projects.

FamilySearch Open Indexing Projects As Of March 18, 2014

The above link will give you a long list of worldwide open projects.  Just Cook County Death Certificate for Indexingscroll down looking for “U.S”.  Within the U.S. projects you will find the one for Cook County, Illinois, Death Certificates 1959-1994.  Or select the letter “U” from the list of projects.  This will at least get you closer to discovering the projects for the “U.S” rather than scrolling through the entirety of the list of projects.

Here you will find all of the details about the project including resources to use to help you know how to index the visual data you will be looking at for the project.

Chicago Catholic Church Record ImageTo my surprise, right before the Cook County Death Certificates Project, you will see an open project for the U.S., Illinois, Chicago – Catholic Church Records, 1833-1910.  WOW!  Personally, that is a source of great information for me.  The images are available to browse through on FamilySearch for these records, but I did not know there was an open indexing project for these records.  In fact, the statistics show that the project is currently 40% Indexed and 40% Arbitrated.

Once again, if you want to help yourself in your own research for Chicago ancestors, these are certainly two great databases that are just calling for you to give a hand to help index!

I guess I am going to have to shake the dust off my indexing program on my laptop that has been dormant for far too long!  In fact, I just downloaded the most recent Indexing program from FamilySearch so that I have the latest.  It took all of about 2 minutes to download and get onto my desktop.

Thanks Barb P. for telling me about the Cook County, Illinois Death Certificates Indexing Project.  And I guess it was just meant to be that by my looking at the details about that project I discovered the Chicago Catholic Church Records project right next to it.

So I guess today is a good day for discovery and sharing with all of you, active indexers and dormant indexers and non-indexers.  If you have been looking to pick a new project then select either of these two.  If you have been dormant, consider coming alive again and start indexing again.  If you have never indexed, the Death Certificates might be a great initial project to get your indexing “feet” wet!

I did see that the Chicago Catholic Church Records Project was rated by the LDS as “Advanced” while the Cook County Death Certificates Project was rated as “Intermediate”.

For non-indexers, if you have never registered with FamilySearch you will need to do that before indexing because you will need to sign in with your username and password to gain access to the data for indexing.  If you have been registered with FamilySearch but never indexed then you are just ready to click on the icon for “indexing”, download the software and enter in your username and password to get you started down the indexing path.

Take the “initial” plunge if you have not indexed; do a “re-plunge” if you have been dormant.  These records are calling for you!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

One response to “2 Great LDS Open Indexing Projects For Your Consideration; U.S., Illinois, Chicago, Catholic Church Records, 1833-1910; U.S., Illinois, Cook County, Deaths, 1959-1994

  1. I’m an indexer and it’s addicting! Don’t be afraid to “take the plunge.” If you find a record too daunting, you can return it. There are some helping aids and having the reassurance that an arbitrator will be checking your work is a plus. It’s such a good feeling knowing you’ve contributed to other’s research.

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