Hit A Brick Wall In Your Research? Maybe You Are Researching The Wrong Material; Learn Your Lineage Through Your Feet!

Hi Everyone!

Smiley FaceOne of my colleagues here at the library shared an interesting tip on genealogy research that is certainly different from the usual resources genealogists “tap” into.

Perhaps you just need to look at your own feet and all of your genealogical mysteries will be solved!

That’s right.  You can learn a lot about your ancestral connections by looking at your own feet!

A June 17, 2013 blog post by Sarah Heiner provides insights about this interesting way to make determinations of ancestral connections by simply looking at the shape of your feet and how your toes align themselves in comparison to each other!

There are some other links in her blog post that will lead you to other insights about how to read your feet and toes!

Here is a link to the post:

June 17, 2013 Blog Post by Sarah Heiner Noting How Your Feet Can Give You Ancestral Insights

Do I know this is scientific?  Nope

Do I know this looks like a little bit of fun?  Yep

Take it for what it is worth.  Read through the 26 comments.

When things are not going so good in our research, a little bit of humor can sure change our attitude!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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