Our Library Has A 1 Month “Trial” Subscription To Origins.net That Runs From April 1, 2014 To April 30, 2014; Origins.net Has 130 Million British And Irish Records

Hi Everyone!

STDL Central Summer LgI am happy to announce  that the Schaumburg Township District Library (STDL) has obtained a one-month “trial” subscription to the Origins.net set of genealogical research databases.  These databases focus on British and  Irish records used to help you on your ancestral quest.

The database offering from Origins.net contains 130 million records that Origins.net Logocan be accessed online through this “trial” subscription.

The Origins.net database can ONLY be accessed from within our library.  The limited access is due to licensing restrictions from the provider.  Access to the database is only available on the 2nd floor of our library on the “Ask Us” computer stations Number 2 to Number 8.

During this trial period you will not see it in our list of databases offered by the library.  So you will only be able to access it from the desktop of the “Ask Us” computers.

All you have to do is look at the “desktop” screen of the computer and look for the Internet Explorer “icon” that says “Origins.net”.  Click on it and you will be connected to the website of the provider and all of the data.

I have done some searches.  All seems good.  If you get results you can click on the link for image.  Just note that there will be a JAVA pop-up that will ask you to continue to run an app to get the image.  I accepted and the image popped up right away.  Our IT staff will be working on a future permanent fix to make this disappear if we permanently add this resource to our database collection after the trial.  But for now it does appear and it is not a dealbreaker!

You can also save any “images” of records you discover onto your own flashdrive that you can connect to the computer you are on.  Images are saved as TIFF images.  I saved an image to my flashdrive and I looked at it later.

You can see that the one, and important drawback of the product, is that it is only available for use in our physical library building.  It is not available to STDL library cardholders from home!  Even if we continue to subscribe after the trial, database access can only occur from within our building.

This is no different from access to Ancestry Library Edition which also only allows access to data from within our library building and not via home connection.

The clock is running.  If you have British or Irish ancestry and have not ever used this database, now is your time to give it a try.  If you are coming to our library building for other purposes, just stop on by the computers behind the “Ask Us” desk on the 2nd floor and take a look at the database.

Don’t forget to take a good look at all of the “teaching” aids that are part of access to this database.  There are lots of links that can give you tips on how to use the database as well as some nice descriptions of each of the individual database that comprise the whole of the product.  There is much to be learned about all that is there even if it turns out your searches are not successful.

Enjoy the database.  We have access to it until April 30, 2014.  Let me know what you think of it.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library


3 responses to “Our Library Has A 1 Month “Trial” Subscription To Origins.net That Runs From April 1, 2014 To April 30, 2014; Origins.net Has 130 Million British And Irish Records

  1. I did try the origins.net program on the ‘Ask Us’ computers. The attendants did not know what I was talking about but then she saw it was on the computers as you indicated.

    It is a very good resource for Irish and British ancestry if you have done your research that far back in Europe which I really have not done yet. I did look up family names and found consistent county names and I thought the maps were good. It was easy to use.

    Thank yowl

  2. I’m trying this for the 3rd time… We need Origins.net here in this library….
    I found it a little frustrating as none of the pages in 1861,1871,1891 censuses are dated….
    Since my names are very common (i.e. John Reynolds and Mary or Mary J or Mary Jane Bowen) …. it’s taken me days of research. And I still don’t have any positive connections to England, Wales, or Ireland… Speaking of Ireland, I could not access any of the Irish censuses…. We need that especially as Northern Ireland is or was considered part of “England”.
    I agree the site is easy to use. Could we please, please subscribe?

  3. Tony, as you and I discussed recently I have used Origins.net for approximately 50 hours from Apr 8th through Apr 30th, 2014. I found it to be a very useful tool and pray that our library will subscribe to the service in the near future. My searches are not complete. I have been unable to locate my GG grandparents in “England” and am beginning to believe they swam the Atlantic Ocean. The only ship listings in Origins is for 1890 and 1891. We need more data from their website. My Reynolds and Bowen family members were already here in 1883. As we all know common names are very difficult to trace especially without any clues. I appreciate your assistance and thanks from everyone in the class for the heads-up to use Origins.net.

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