Steve Szabados Has Authored Another Genealogy Help Book; The Title Is “Write Your Family History: Easy Steps to Organize, Save and Share”; Available At

Hi Everyone!

Steve Szabados

Steve Szabados

Steve Szabados, a recurring genealogy program presenter at our library, has informed me that he has another new genealogy help book that has been published.

The book tries to explain the process he uses to go from his research to pages that he shares with family members. These pages turn into a family history that can be enjoyed by everyone.

The title of the book is Write Your Family History: Easy Steps to Organize, Save and Share.

I plan on adding this book to our library’s circulating collection so it can be checked out.

Steve is an avid Polish genealogy researcher and wants to share his publication successes with all other researchers regardless of what they are researching.

Steve informs me the book is available through  Here is a link to providing information about Steve’s new book:

Steve Szabados Newly Published Genealogy Help Book; “Write Your Family History: Easy Steps to Organize, Save and Share” At

Steve also offers personal help to those doing Polish genealogical research through his volunteer efforts at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library.  Steve is there on each Friday morning from 9 AM to 12 Noon.

Steve knows his stuff about all things “genealogy”.  He also knows his stuff about “Polish genealogy”.

Consider picking up a copy of this new book through  Let Steve’s words and guidance allow you to take your genealogical research material from what you have to a more polished, publication-ready document that can easily wind up in the hands of all of your extended family members giving them the chance to get a better picture of where everyone came from!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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