Military Records Are A Very Valuable Resource For Genealogy Information; MyHeritage Will Be Offering Free Access To Military Records From May 23, 2014 to May 26, 2014 (Over Memorial Day Weekend)

Hi Everyone!

MyHeritage LogoMilitary records can be a very valuable resource for your genealogy research.  Oftentimes voluminous amounts of data can be found for ancestors whether they served in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War I or World War II.  Do not overlook these records on those ancestors that had been in the military.

I just happened to be visiting the Dick Eastman online blog and the most recent post I noted was related to military records.  And it was related to these records with the famous buzzword “FREE”.

According to the post,  MyHeritage will be offering “FREE” access to its online military records over the Memorial Day weekend.  The dates cover Friday May 23, 2014 to Monday May 26, 2014.

You will be able to access the “FREE” military records via the following link when it has opened for searching:

MyHeritage is a subscribable site.  For those of you subscribed to it these military records are available to you already.  For those of you not subscribed to MyHeritage you will be able to now view these military records for free over the Memorial Day Weekend.  If you find good material by accessing the data freely then perhaps you would even consider subscribing to the service offered by MyHeritage.

Here is a link to Dick Eastman’s exact post about the “FREE” offer by MyHeritage:

MyHeritage Offers FREE Access To Military Records Through Memorial Day Weekend From May 23, 2014 To May 26, 2014

Check out the data when it becomes available and see what you can find on your ancestors with military service that perhaps you were not aware of.

You can always visit MyHeritage and see all that they offer at

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library


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