Family History Centers Will Be Having Scanning Equipment Available To Use On-Site

Hi Everyone!

Family-History-Center-logoI was just reading through some of the summaries that Dick Eastman was posting on his blog related to his attendance at the recent National Genealogical Society (NGS) Annual Conference.

One item caught my eye that he  reported on within his summary of the Day One proceedings.

He noted that all Family History Centers (FHC) now have quality scanners at their locations for researchers to use.

Here is the quote Dick Eastman had in his post about this new development:

“FamilySearch has installed new scanners at all North American local Family History Centers with overseas locations being added now. Anyone who visits a Center is invited to use the local scanner to scan old family photos and upload directly to and/or to save to a local flash drive. The service is aimed at those who do not own photo-quality scanners. There is no requirement to upload to although that is suggested. However, all visitors do have the option to only save digital images to a local flash drive which they can then take home and use as they wish.”

The intended use is that a researcher who does not own a personal scanner can use the scanner at the center or someone who does can still use the FHC scanner.  It is also thought that the scanners would be used for material that would be uploaded to the FamilySearch website into the Family Trees that exist.  A user of the scanner can use the equipment and does not have to upload any material.  All scans can be saved by the researcher to do with as they please.

So if you are an individual that does not have a scanner at home or have one but just happen to need one while at the FHC, this may be a workaround alternative to get your material scanned.  I think a 5 minute training session from the volunteer on duty would be enough to get you going.  But as Dick Eastman’s comments were noted, plan on bringing a flashdrive with you to put your scanned material onto.

So now you have a reason to use the facility for more than just microfilm reading.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township district Library

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