Wonderful Teaching Videos From Thomas MacEntee On Using Various Software Tools To Make Your Genealogy Research Better Managed And More Productive; Links Included

Hi Everyone!

CAGGNI logoI love the ability to learn new things by being able to watch and listen to directions given by an expert presenter.

Translation… look for those nice teaching videos that exist on a variety of genealogical topics as well as on genealogical software tools to help you in all aspects of your research.

I was just browsing through the recent Computer Assisted Genealogy Group of Northern Illinois (CAGGNI) Newsletter for June 2014.  In the issue is a section titled “President’s Message”.  In this issue, Nancy R. Thomas, President of CAGGNI,  focused on electronic capabilities to learn more about genealogy via live online attendance of streaming educational programs, archived webinars from a software developer for a charge and some free online educational videos/screencasts created by a well-known speaker.

I took a look at the website noted in the article for Thomas MacEntee who was the CAGGNI Keynote speaker at their recently held first ever all-day genealogy conference.  Nancy noted in her article that Thomas has some wonderful educational and informative videos for the genealogical community to view and learn.

The topics are varied and presented in short run times like about 8 minutes as well as lengthy ones presented in as long as about 1 hour.

Here is a listing of the topics presented by Thomas MacEntee that can help you learn about various genealogically oriented software tools to help you create, manage and organize so much of what we as genealogists accumulate:

  • Project Management – Using a Simple Excel Spreadsheet to Track Tasks, Projects and Progress (About 9 minutes)
  • The Password Trick – How I Learned I Could Have a Different Password for Every Website … And Still Remember Them All (About 11 minutes)
  • Facebook Groups Versus Facebook Pages – Which One Should You Use? (About 1 hour)
  • EverNote – Easy Note-Taking for Genealogists (About 1 hour)
  • Weebly – Easy Web Site Creation for Genealogists (About 1 hour)

You can find these free and informative videos offered by ThomasHack Genealogy Logo MacEntee, a local genealogist and speaker at his web site at:

Thomas MacEntee’s HackGenealogy Website Videos Section

Also, just visit the entire website of Thomas MacEntee to see all of the other material he has out there to make your genealogical research efforts more productive and more manageable.  You can visit his full site at:

Thomas MacEntee Hack Genealogy Website

I am so glad I read the complete article by Nancy R. Thomas in the recent CAGGNI June 2014 newsletter.  The tips she provided for online webinars, streaming videos and the like are wonderful teaching aids.  I was familiar with the many that she mentioned but the ones from Thomas MacEntee were not on my radar.

It is always nice to make a new discovery of some valuable resources for genealogists to learn even more.

Thanks to Nancy for sharing the link to Thomas’ videos and thanks to Thomas MacEntee for making these videos available to the genealogy community.

Enjoy these videos so that you can learn even more about tools and methods that exist to help the genealogist connect!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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