FamilySearch Indexers “Start Your Engines!”; Worldwide Indexing Event To Take Place On July 20 and July 21, 2014; FamilySearch Needs 50,000 Indexers To Submit 1 Batch During This Period; New Indexers Also Being Sought

Hi Everyone,


Dick Eastman

Dick Eastman

I just saw an item from a Dick Eastman blog post that indicated that there is an up and coming Worldwide Indexing Event that will occur on July 20 and July 21, 2014 (right around the corner!).

What is this all about?

What is the goal?

For 50,000 indexers and arbitrators to submit at least one batch in a 24-hour period! Do more if you would like, but one batch is all that is required to be counted in the record!


To break the record previously set on July 2, 2012, when a total of Logo49,025 FamilySearch indexers and arbitrators joined together to set the all-time record for the most indexing participants in a single day!

Are you an indexer?  If so, mark your calendar to do one batch of records and submit them on that day.  One batch might only be 25 records.

Not an indexer?  Now might be the time to help contribute to a record by becoming an indexer, not only to break a record, but also to keep contributing your newly found indexing skills and talent!

Here is a link to Dick Eastman’s post about the topic from his blog:

Dick Eastman June 29, 2014 Post On FamilySearch Worldwide Index Event

Within Dick’s post is a link to the FamilySearch blog that provides even more information about this upcoming effort to break an existing indexing record.  You can read all about this event in the FamilySearch blog at:

Worldwide Indexing Event July 20, 2014 and July 21, 2014 From FamilySearch

Are you up for a challenge?  Would you like to be part of a record-setting effort?  Are you an indexer that has not indexed in a little while?  Have you never become an indexer but like challenges?

Mark your calendars and start your engines!

For those that need to refresh their indexing participation or for those that would simply like to find out about indexing, you can take a look at what is all involved through FamilySearch at:

FamilySearch Indexing Information

Take a look at the various links noted above.

Start your indexing engine or re-start your indexing engine!

Help break a record.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library


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