Updates On New Season Of “Who Do You Think You Are?” And TLC Network; New Episode Featuring Cynthia Nixon Airs Tonight On TLC At 8 PM Central Time

Hi Everyone!

The Learning ChannelI was pleasantly surprised today to have received an e-mail from the Publicity Group of TLC, the cable and television network where the genealogy TV series “Who Do You Think You Are?” airs.

TLC was thankful about how I have made my readers aware of the popular genealogy TV series that starts out tonight with another new episode for this season on TLC at 8 PM Central Time.

The Publicity Group also wanted me to let my readers know of two corrections regarding the network and the show.  The first is that TLC is now only known as TLC.  I have always referred to it as TLC, also known as “The Learning Channel”.  That is no longer applicable.  TLC is now just known as TLC without using the added description of “The Learning Channel”.

In addition the Publicity Group of TLC wanted to let me know that there has been a slight change in one of the upcoming episodes that will air.  Originally, Lauren Graham, a Hollywood actress was going to be featured in one of the new episodes that will air this season.  That is no longer going to happen.  Instead of Lauren Graham appearing in an episode this season, there will be an episode that will feature Minnie Driver.

So there you go.  You now have the latest scoop direct from TLC on their name as just TLC as well as seeing Minnie Driver featured in an upcoming episode instead of Lauren Graham.

Thanks to Danielle of TLC for the update.

Don’t forget that tonight is the season premier of “Who Do You Think You Are?” featuring Cynthia Nixon.  The show will air on the cable network TLC at 8 PM Central time.

You can always visit TLC directly and see what is all going on with “Who Do You Think You Are?” at:

TLC/Who Do You Think You Are?

Tonight is the night to set yourself in front of your TV after what always feels like a long wait!  Set your DVR if you are not going to be able to see the show while it airs.

It’s BACK!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library


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