Schaumburg Township District Library Parking Lot Will Be Under Major Reconstruction Starting August 12, 2014; Reconstruction Project Could Last For 3 Weeks; You Can Park In The Former Dominick’s Food Store Parking Lot Right Next Door To Us

Hi Everyone!

STDL Central Summer LgStarting  August 12, 2014 (the day of our genealogy program!) the Schaumburg Township District Library will begin undergoing a total reconstruction of our entire parking lot.  The project is expected to last 3 weeks.

During this major project visitors to our library can still park in areas of our parking lot that will still be open.  Parking will also be available in the parking lot of the former Dominick’s Food Store that is right next door to us.

Please note that one major impact of the re-construction is that our “drive-up” window for dropping off material and for picking up material will be CLOSED during this project.  You will need to enter our building during this time period to drop off material or pick up materials.

Also, handicapped parking spaces will be maintained and be available during the entirety of the project.

The following description of the parking lot reconstruction project comes from our home page of our library’s website:


Phase One of the parking lot construction will begin on Tuesday, August 12th, and cover the north and west sides of the library. Work on the south side will take place during Phase Two. Since the parking lot will be completely torn out and replaced, construction is expected to last approximately three weeks.

During that time, parking will be available in areas that are not closed off, or in the Dominick’s parking lot. The Drive-up Window and book drop will be closed while work is underway. Handicapped accessible parking spots will be maintained for the duration of the project. When the south lot is under construction and closed off, temporary spots will be created on the north perimeter of the building. The paving company staff will fence off the areas under construction. Additionally, they will provide signs to direct traffic and parking to available entrances and the Dominick’s lot.

“The repaving project will provide a much safer experience for cars and people,” said Director Stephanie Sarnoff. “Potholes and puddles will be eliminated. We will have the same number of parking spots, but the entire lot will be re-striped. I appreciate your patience and cooperation during the repaving. The benefits will far outweigh the temporary inconvenience.”


You can always visit our library’s home page to see if there are any new updates on the project.  Just take a look at the home page part where “banners” are displayed.  You can visit us at:

Schaumburg Township District Library Website

Be cautious and alert when coming to our library during this project.  Follow the posted signs that will help you get to the areas of available parking.  Our parking lot is truly in need of a major project like this.  Seal coating it will no longer be effective!

While our August 12, 2014 Genealogy Program may be slightly affected, the project should be completed before we have our September 9, 2014 Genealogy Program.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library


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