Recent Additions Have Been Made To The “Favorite Links” Page Of This Blog; Added A Significant Number Of Blog Links; Added A New Category For Family History Centers (Local); Direct Link To “Favorite Links” Included

STDL Central Summer LgHi Everyone!

I have just recently updated the “Favorite Links” Page of this blog that you can access from the home page of this blog.

You can get to the “Favorite Links” part of my blog at:

“Favorite Links” At Genealogy With Tony Library Blog

A very good article by Tony Bandy has just appeared in the recent issue of Internet Genealogy (August/September 2014, Volume 9, Number 3) in which Tony wrote about the “Top Blogs of 2014”.  I looked at some of the blogs I provided links to in my “Favorite Links” part of my blog and noticed that I did have many that Tony had indicated.  However, his current 2014 list was so good that I thought I would re-visit my own list and add a good amount of the blogs mentioned in the article by Tony Bandy.

I added about 14 new blog links for you to take a look at.  You will find these under the category “Genealogy Blogs” in my Favorite Links page of the blog.

I have also created a written overview of what was contained in the recent Internet Genealogy issue we received mentioned above.  That will appear in the September 2014 Genealogy Newsletter I author as well as appearing as one of the “handouts” in the September 2014 package that will be uploaded on Monday, September 8, 2014.  The Tony Bandy article overview will be included in the September 2014 Handouts package  and all of the Top 2014 blogs mentioned by him will be included along with their web link.

If you have not seen my “Favorite Links” part of the blog, now would be the time to take a look at it to see all of the links that are there for you to visit and experiment with.

Also, while I was in the “Favorite Links” part of the blog, I thought it would also be advantageous for me to create a new section for “Family History Centers”.  Each local Family History Center has its own web address.  Each local Family History Center website is a great place to visit to check out the location, phone number, directions, hours, e-mail address,  calendar of events and anything that might pop up related to that particular local Family History Center.

I have provided links for each center that is geographically near our library.  You will now be able to find links to the following local Family History Centers noted below and now included in the Favorite Links part of this blog:

You may read about descriptions of what is unique to each center both in terms of hours open as well as resources held by any one of them different from any other.  It is well-worth taking a look at the website of any Family History Center you use.

I thought I would share this piece of updated information made to the blog.

Enjoy the new blog links as well as the newly created local Family History Center links.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library


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