Finding A Long-Lost Ancestor On The Streets Of Chicago; Concise “How To” Using Good Research Logic From The Huffington Post

Hi Everyone!

Huffington Post LogoA colleague of mine at the library provided me with a link to a very nice little “tip” on how to go about discovering some information about a Chicago ancestor that you may have.

The “tip” was found at the Huffington Post.  It looks like it was authored by both Loretto Dennis Szucs and Henry Louis Gates, Jr., both well-known genealogy figures.  Loretto is connected with  Henry is connected with the PBS Genealogy TV show “Finding Your Roots”.

Thanks to my colleague Tom for making me aware of this.

I always enjoy being able to see a question submitted to experts turned into a great learning experience that also answers the question at the same time.  That is what this little “tip” entails.

It is nice for both “problem-solving” as well as providing some nice graphic document examples used in the problem-solving experience.

If you have Chicago ancestors and are doing research in this area, this is worth your while to take a look at via the following link:

Finding A Long-Last Ancestor on the Streets of Chicago Teaching Tip From the October 5, 2014 Huffington Post

I liked the question posed to the experts.  It has good details from which to start researching.   The experts take you through the analysis process bringing in to bear the many genealogy resources we have to consider when researching, e.g. City Directories, Street Maps, Census Data etc.

Check it out.  It can help you with a “road-map” to uncover information about an elusive Chicago ancestor or just about any ancestor when you think through your research strategy starting with what you know.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library


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